About Me

At a very young age I knew I had to become a nurse and I pursued that dream with a steady focus throughout my school years. On the application for the university school of nursing where I gained my degree I was asked “What will you do if you are not accepted into the program”? My response was “I will do nothing, becoming a nurse is all I have ever wanted to do and be.”

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1989, and immediately began work as a nurse on a medical telemetry unit. Further training obtained as part of my job allowed me to work in the critical care units as well, and in 1992 I changed jobs, transferring to the coronary care unit of another local hospital.

I attended a class on Reiki healing in 1993, reaching Reiki Level 2 Practitioner status by the end of 1993. I then combined this knowledge with my work as a nurse and routinely use Reiki as part of my nursing practice within the critical care setting.

Training continued and in 1998 I was attuned as a Reiki Master-Teacher. Since then I have continued learning. In 2011 I began to explore my interest in shamanism and development as an Intuitive Healer. I now incorporate all of this to provide a blend of Intuitive Energy Healing all my own.

I routinely blog about my experience and work as an Energy Healer and have written extensively on the subject of Reiki.

You can read my blog on Paganism at witchcraft at  Writings of a Pagan Witch

I provide a Mobile Reiki Service in the London Borough of Bromley and into parts of SE London, offering Reiki for relaxation and stress relief in the comfort of your home.

I am also able to write blog guest posts and articles on Reiki. Contact me for more information.

reiki doorways

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 1988 from Washburn University, Topeka Kansas USA
Reiki Level 1 – 1993
Reiki Level 2 – 1993
Reiki Master Teacher – 1998
Shamanic Healing Techniques, Way of the Weaver – 2011 from Starfire Alchemy, London UK 
Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony – part of Soul Midwifery training – 2015


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