Creating Possibilities

After a lot of work and searching and learning I have begun that next level of healing work I am meant to be doing. And I am really excited about it.

Most of you, my readers, know how tumultuous my life has been over the past 3 years. It has been a time of incredible change, incredible loss, and even more incredible growth as I have rediscovered who I am and my place and purpose in this world.

The time has come to start giving back in some way. It’s time to create my own possibilities, and in doing do serve other women who are creating their own possibilities.

sacred visionsSacred Visions has been created for just this purpose, to serve women who are wanting to create their own possibilities.

I am chosing to work with women because I have come to see just how necessary this work is for women today. It may be that in future I find there is need to open up this work for men as well, Righ now though, at this time, I see a great need for healing of women, by women, and with women. I am one of many who is taking up this mantle and heeding this call.

I am pulling together a lifetime of learning and experiences:

  • Training as an Energy Healer in Reiki;
  • My studies of Martha Rogers’ Science of Unitary Human Beings;
  • Training in shamanic healing methods;
  • Personal training in intuitive healing;
  • Studies in Soul Midwifery;
  • Practice in oracle readings through the Amulets of the Goddess;
  • Personal experience persevering through major life trauma and loss;
  • Training and experience as a critical care nurse;
  • Experience as a mother raising 3 wonderful sons;
  • Experiences and training from my Spiritual Guides and Teachers;
  • Experiences as a woman who has gone through loss and dealt with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.
  • Experience in creating ritual and sacred space for healing

And through these experiences and this training I am able to offer my services in these areas:

  • Reiki Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Gratitude Ceremonies of Blessing and Release

Each of these services is offered individually, or can be combined in the Possibilities Program which is available at this time to women living in SE London/London Borough of Bromley. Within this indepth program over 5 – 7 sessions, I guide women in identifying where they are blocked from making conscious choices, how those blocks once served them, and together we will create ceremony to release those blocks in gratitude for the service they provided. From here women will be able to create new possibilities for themselves, from a place of strength instead of fear.

Future plans

It seems strange to be talking about future plans when I am only just now bringing Sacred Visions into being, but also appropriate to say this is my vision for this work.

  • Ability to offer the Sacred Visions Possibilities Program to women around the world, without compromising on any aspect of it;
  • Women’s circles where small groups of women can come together for fellowship and healing;
  • Finding other women who want to bring Sacred Visions Possibilitiy Programs to the women where they live;
  • Expanding Sacred Visions to provide a service of transition and healing for those who are dying (as I compelte my training as a Soul Midwife).

Win a free intuitive healing or oracle reading

As a special introduction, I would like to offer my readers the opportunity to receive a complimentary oracle reading or Intuitive Energy Healing.

Mke a comment here, and/or follow Sacred Visions for Women on Facebook and let me know you are interested in receiving an oracle reading or intuitive healing.

Next Tuesday, 13 October, I will randomly select one woman to receive intuitive healing and one women to receive an oracle reading. I will then contact those women privately to arrange a date and time and to get further details.

Now tell me, what possibilities are you creating for yourself today?



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10 responses to “Creating Possibilities

  1. Reblogged this on Writings of a Pagan Witch and commented:

    I am very excited about this new business venture I have created for women.

  2. So pleased for you NanLT for creating your possibilities and helping others to do the same. I am creating my own possibilities through practicing Quantum therapy, Reiki and now studying NLP; Different route same outcome. I applaud you for dusting yourself off & continuing with your very unique journey.

  3. Hello,
    My friend Leigh led me here. I can appreciate your struggle and path to transformation. I also applaud your mission to working with women. So many of us hold the Chiron wounded healer signature which propels us to use our wounds as gifts in healing and wisdom.

    I am very interested in an oracle reading. So please add me to the mix for your drawing.

    love and light,

    • I discovered last year that I also have Chiron in a prominent healer position on my chart.

    • And welcome. I went to ahve a look at where Chiron sits in my chart – It’s in Pisces in the 6th House. Two auspices placements for healing work I believe. I have added you into the drawing for an oracle reading.

      • I agree. So you are an astrologer also? I have Chiron conjunct my ascendant opposing my chart ruler. Chiron also trines my moon. Thank you for adding me 🙂

        • 🙂 I know just enough about it to not pay attention to the star sign reports in magazines. Many years ago I had an interest and even went so far as to get an ephemerus, do the maths (by hand) and calculate my own natal chart, but I am in no way an expert or an astrologer.

          It’s an area where I would say I have enough knowlede to make me dangerous, but not enough to practice it on other people.

          • If you did the math by hand, you are persistent! I used to do that before computers arrived. Thankfully those manual chart days are over.

            • Sigh – back when I was doing this, home computers were still mostly unheard of, and only people willing to spend lots of money on fancy computer programs had that option for calculating charts.

              I had to do it all the old fashioned way.

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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