Releasing Blocks with Gratitude

Liber Divinorum Operum - Hildegard von BingenAs part of my training as a Soul Midwife I have now learned how to perform a Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony and can offer it as a service to those of you in or around SE London.

I am exploring ways in which this ceremony, or a variation of it, might be offered long distance, but at this time it can only be performed in person.

Why not contact me to discuss how this beautiful and moving ritual can help you in releasing those emotions, thought processes, or limiting beliefs which are blocking you from realising your full worth.

What is a Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony?

In religious terms this ceremony is often called an anointing. The best known form of anointing would be the last rites performed by priests, however they can be used at other times as well when you find you need to bring a part of your life back into balance. It gives you the opportunity to release that which has been holding you back in life. This may be a behaviour, an emotion, or an intrusive thought process.

A blessing and balancing ceremony can also be used to mark a rite of passage or another change in your life circumstances.

What happens during a ceremony?

Hildegard of Bingen Vision

We will discuss together beforehand what you would like to release or bring into balance and explore ways in which this emotion/thought/behaviour has served you in the past even though it is now hampering your growth and movement forward, and if appropriate what you would welcome in to replace it. Together we will write a sacred intention which will be used as a prayer at the beginning and end of the ceremony.

You will need to remove your shoes but otherwise will always be fully clothed. You have the choice on whether you wish to be lying down, sitting, or even standing during this ceremony.

I will be using blessed spring water plus essential oils such as frankincense or another appropriate oil during the ceremony. As you sit or lie in a relaxed position I will use my fingers to place a small amount of the water/oil mix on some or all of your chakra points, the palms of your hands, and the bottom of your feet. At each point I will speak a short blessing.

We can include candles, incense, smudging with sage or palo santo, and/or sounds as appropriate to create a sacred space and help you in feeling supported. Regardless, I will be holding a safe space around us as we work.

Afterwards, I will give you the blessed water and oil which has been filled with the energy of your sacred intention. This can be used to anoint candles before burning, placed in an oil diffuser, or just set in a place where you will be able to see it and notice the subtle fragrance on a daily basis. This will serve as a gentle reminder to your sub-conscious mind of the work which we did together.

This ceremony takes about an hour, including the time needed to discuss your needs beforehand and develop your sacred intention, and time to discuss any issues which might have come forward after the ceremony.

It can be combined with an Energy Healing session a week later, if desired.

What people have said about the Blessing and Balancing Gratitude Ceremony:

“I felt very supported and safe while I had my blessing and balancing ceremony a lovely sense of peace and calm came over me. I am much calmer over trying to control everything and how other people do things.” – Person J

“I have tried for the past year to have a more positive focus and it has had a big impact, but I am not always very good at it yet.” And afterwards, “(I was) a bit nervous¬†as not sure how i would feel about it all.¬†But once Nancy started to work, i felt a lot calmer. (It) Has been a great reminder/ note to self to keep me going on my positive momentum.” – Person A

“Everything became still and calm when Nancy started. Like she had enclosed the two of us in a balloon.” – Person K

“This is such a gentle and moving ceremony. It was as though something was being pulled from me. I felt the blocks being pulled out of my body but it was done in a gentle way.” – Person L


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