The Importance of Grounding

Energy Cords

Any decent teaching in doing energy work will include discussion on the importance of grounding. This is our way of connecting to Earth energies and draining out any excess energy. Much like the grounding wire in your house keeps your electrics from being overwhelmed by all the power moving through, personal grounding helps to make sure we don’t become overwhelmed by Healing or Spiritual Energy.

I have been discovering through my own work though that there is another purpose to grounding. This vital act does more than drain away excess energies. Grounding also serves to replenish our personal energy stores.

When teaching a beginner about grounding, as an aid I suggest to then that they sit beside or even in a tree. They can send their awareness into the tree to trace its roots down into the Earth. From here, it becomes easier to send their own personal tap root into the Earth, using it to drain off excess energies. This is absolutely important, especially for people who are sensitive to Energy overloading.

Equally important when working with Tree Energy is to become aware of the nutrients, water, and energy moving from the Earth into the tree. In the same way, we need to allow Earth energy to flow upwards into our bodies. This helps to refill depleting energy stores and helps to maintain the natural flow of energy through the body.

I do a lot of work with people who have problems with fatigue, depression, or just feeling emotionally or spiritually drained. The common denominator in all of them I have found is that they were not well grounded. Working with them to re-establish that connection with Earth so that they had a steady exchange of Earth-based energies flowing in and depleted energies moving out served to help decrease the fatigue and feelings of being emotionally drained.

With one client I found that she didn’t have a grounded connection to Earth when I was doing Reiki with her. My attempt to establish a connection did work, but while we were working a train went by. The movement of the train by her window acted like a knife, cutting that grounding cord and caused it to snap. With a bit more effort I was able to create that grounding connection again and begin a flow of energy upwards into her Energy Field. Upon finishing her treatment, I told her what had happened so that she would be aware and gave her some simple exercises she could do to reconnect and ground herself. At subsequent visits, trains moving by no longer completely severed her grounding cord and she was able to re-establish the flow with minimal assistance from me. More importantly, she reported that she had more energy for taking care of herself and her responsibilities (Root chakra issues).

Many times, when we do energy work we focus on channelling in energy from the ‘Universe’ but ignore or block the concurrent flow of energy upwards from the Earth. It stems from a tendency as well, I think, of believing that only energies that channel through the Higher Chakras (above the Heart) are useful in healing. Certainly my original Reiki teachers taught that Reiki only comes from Universe, they didn’t mention at all that Healing also comes from the Earth.

Channelling energy exclusively from the Universe into the upper chakras creates an imbalance between the upper and

Emergence created by NanLT at

lower chakras. As an Energy Healer I want to help people to find healing and balance throughout. So, when I do Energy healing work for someone reporting feelings of fatigue, depression, and just a generalised lack of motivation one of the firs things I check is how well grounded they are. I can then help them learn to ground and sense the flow of energies in and out from Earth to body and back again.

When I shield and ground myself these days, I create a channel that allows an exchange of energies from and to the Earth which I let ‘run’ in the background as I go about my day. My experience is that through this simple act I am feeling more rooted and connected in my physical self. My energy levels are improved and I no longer feel as ‘flighty’ in my thinking or emotional responses to situations.

Why not try this for yourself and let me know what you think.


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