Soul Thoughts on Being Human

When it comes to being a healer and working with different energies I am really somewhat of a sceptic. I’m thinking most recently of a conversation I read in which the participants discussed Soul energies, and just what is the Soul. Many disclosed a belief that they are star seeds, or contain souls from beings outside of this solar system.

I’m not disputing what they had to say. I don’t disbelieve them, but I also know that such comments are not true for me.

I am a human soul, in a human body, having a human experience.


I am a human soul…


My soul energy does not originate from distant planets, it originates here on Earth as a human being.


In a human body…


When it comes to beliefs about past lives, and future lives my own belief is that all things/creatures/objects are made of soul energy, but the soul energy of a cat or a dog or an elephant, of a plant or a tree, and of a human are different. Equal, but different. I don’t believe that a soul enters life as a plant then works its way up the evolutionary ladder, so to speak, until it reaches humanness.

Having a human experience…


I’m not here to learn how to not be human – my focus cannot be on ways of transcending or detaching or letting go of the physical. I am here at this time, in this body, doing the work I do, in order to learn how to be more fully human.

And being fully human means learning how to deal with illness, and heartache, and love, and hate, and anger, and all the other messy, complicated frustrating pieces which together create a whole.

Being fully human isn’t easy


Over the past few years I have been doing a lot of healing work for myself, and time and again when I journey in Shamanic worlds to speak to my Spirit helpers and guides they tell me one thing. I need to practice being inside my body. When I journey into my Sacred Garden to ask “What do I need to do for healing?” They tell me, “Don’t do, just be.”

“Be present in your body.”


This isn’t an easy task for me. I still struggle with this on a daily basis. You see, through learning how to actively do shamanic journey work I have learned that I spend a lot of time not actually inside my physical body.

Mental health workers call this being disassociated. I call it “being out of sync” with my physical self. Chances are, I first began disassociating as a protective measure. Why? I don’t know. I have a very good therapist though who is helping me to work through those issues.

I have learned that some of the standard methods people use for grounding, to bring themselves back into their body, actually have an opposite effect for me. Things like physical exercise, eating, taking a bath. Each of these can, if I am not careful, cause me to move even further outside of my physical self.

“Physically feel your emotions.”


When Spirit began whispering this into my ear a few weeks ago, I was a bit thrown. On considering however, I realised that while I am fairly good at thinking about my feelings, I am not very good at feeling my feelings. I don’t know what anger or sadness or fear or happy feel like as physical sensations.

Again, this may have started as a protective mechanism at some point in my past, or perhaps I was just born this way. The why’s however are not nearly as important as learning to move beyond it, and learning what they feel like on a physical level.

At some point, I will begin incorporating some type of body work into my personal healing. It may be Yoga, or Qi Gong or Tai Chi, or another system. But not right now.

In the work I have been doing to find healing I am also learning to be a bit gentler with myself, a bit slower, a bit more forgiving. Instead of wanting everything “right now!” And beating myself up for not doing it “right now!” So I can look at the idea of doing some type of body work and say, “yeah, that’s a great idea. I’ve got other things I need to do first though.”

I know that I am open to the possibility of doing this work, and when the time and the teacher and the class/group are all ready for me I will be ready for them as well.


It’s all part of being human


That’s right. Being human. So many religious traditions try to teach humans to ignore their physical self, with claims (spoken and unspoken) that living more fully in the spiritual self is an ultimate goal. We’re told to seek detachment or enlightenment or to transcend physical wants and desires. Those doing major chakra work focus their attention on the upper 4 chakras, ignoring the lower 3.

But we’re not here as physical beings trying to have a spiritual experience. We are here as spiritual beings trying to have a physical experience.

If I didn’t want to learn what it means to physically be a human, then why would I have chosen to be born into a physical body? It’s only taken me my entire life, but I am starting to figure out what I am here to learn.

I welcome your own thoughts on this subject. Please add to the discussion by commenting below.







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