Personal Growth Through Writing

A couple years ago I began reading and doing the assignments in a book called “The Artists Way”. The purpose of the book is to help you discover your creative self and each of the assignments is geared towards that goal.

The absolutely first assignment, something you’re asked to do every day for as long as you’re doing the work, and beyond if you feel compelled is what the author calls your “morning pages” – each day, 3 pages written, unedited. Freeform thought moving from head to hand to paper.

That’s about 750 words.

I found the task difficult at times because I do have arthritis and holding a pen for extended lengths of time can be very painful. I also found that it was a good way of getting niggling thoughts and persistent chatter out of my head.

You don’t even have to go back and read anything if you don’t want to. Just get it all out of your head.

When I moved with my children into our temporary home, things like exploring my creativity took a back seat to more pressing concerns like driving them to school every day. This week though, I revisited the idea of Morning Pages. Do I want to do them in the morning?

Sometimes, but not always. Sometimes I need to wake up a bit and let thoughts percolate a bit before I try to move them out of my head. Sometimes it works better for me to write in the evening, at a time when I am able to start relaxing more. But how to get around the whole unable to hold a pen and write continuously for 20 minutes? Or longer? Because when things start hurting, I write slower and thoughts get away from me. I do like taking the time to write though because it does help me to organise my own thoughts. And helps to get rid of some of the layers of self-doubt and negative talk that can begin to pervade my thinking over time.

I found a solution, a website set up where people can do their morning pages, or evening pages. It’s called 750 words.

I signed up a week ago and have been writing there each day. And now, I am committing myself to a full month of writing at 750 words. EAch month  challenge is issued – publicly commit yourself to writing 750 words each day for an entire month. Succeed, and get your name on the Wall of Amazingness. Miss a day and your name is entered onto the Wall of Shame.

You are also encouraged to set rewards for yourself should you succeed, or consequences should you not.

Tonight, I decided to enter this challenge and I have signed my name up for the month of November.

And, I am sharing it here as well just to give me that little bit more motivation.

I, Nan, accept this challenge to write 750 words every day during the month of November, 2014. If I succeed, I accept that my name will be added to the Wall of Amazingness. But I miss a day or more, I also accept that my name will be added to the Wall of Shame.

In addition, I (optionally) pledge to the following self-created rewards and punishments…

If I succeed, I will…

  • Treat myself to a new outfit (This is big, because I really do not like buying clothes for myself)

If I miss a day or more, I will…

  • Donate $15 to help support 750 Words.

I will keep everyone updated on how I am doing in this challenge as I go along.

Why not join me at 750 Words, and perhaps even put your name down to join the One Month Challenge in December.

Link: 750 Words

Book: The Artists Way is available through your local book seller or through Amazon.

The Artist’s WayAmazon USA

The Artist’s Way Amazon UK


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