Reiki Level 2: Practitioner Course

Continuing on from Reiki Level 1, The Beginner’s Course

Japanese Reiki
Once you have learned Reiki at the Beginner’s level you are able to use Reiki fully. If you are going to be using Reiki exclusively for yourself or close family this is all you will need.

Others though want to take Reiki further. They want to expand their knowledge past the beginner’s level to become a Reiki Practitioner. This is commonly called Reiki Level 2 or Second Degree Reiki. The number of Reiki teachers offering training has grown considerably since I received my training in the early 1990s. The difficulty for the student is not in finding a teacher, but in finding a good teacher.

Outline of Course

Day 1 AM
Discussion: past experiences with Reiki
Review of Reiki 1 history, principles
Reiki 1 re-attunement

Day 1 PM
Discussion of the previous class
3 Reiki symbols
How to use symbols
Time to practice on each other

Homework: Do Reiki on yourself or another person before the next class using the Reiki symbols.

Day 2 AM
Discussion of previous classes
Discussion of homework assignment.
The long-distance treatment
Time to practice long-distance treatments on each other
Ethics and working with clients

Day 2 PM
Discussion of morning class
Chance to ask questions
Reiki 2 attunements
Post-class discussion

I offer Reiki training in and around the London Borough of Bromley and I am willing to discuss long-distance teaching for those who have prior experience with energy healing work but do not live locally.

Training for Reiki 2, Practitioner level is given over 2 days comprising a morning and afternoon session, each lasting about 2 hours. I offer small classes for 1 to 4 people in the comfort and privacy of your home at a cost of only £300. Find 3 friends who also want to learn Reiki 2, and it will only cost you £75!

Note: I am always willing to work with people who are eager to learn Reiki but can’t afford the fees due to being on a limited income. Contact me and we’ll work something out.


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