Reiki Level 1, The Beginner’s Course

People decide to learn Reiki for a variety of reasons. Some experience it for themselves and want to learn more. Some are drawn to it on a spiritual level. Some have an interest in complementary healing. Whatever the reason, they are looking for a good teacher.

I offer Reiki training to Master Teacher level in the area around London Borough of Bromley into some parts of SE London. I am willing to discuss long-distance teaching for those people who have prior experience with energy healing but do not live locally.

This is a 1 day course, lasting about 4 hours

This is a brief overview of the training I offer.

Morning session

Discussion: Why are you taking the course? What do you expect to get from it?

1. What is Reiki

2. History of Reiki

3. Levels in Reiki

4. What does Reiki do

5. Playing with energy – activity

Discussion – chance to ask questions.
Homework  – build energy between your hands and play with it during your lunch break

Afternoon session

Discussion: Did you do the homework? Experiences. Have your expectations changed since the previous class?

6. Hand placements

7. Reiki Principles and ethics of Reiki

8. Reiki 1 attunement

9. Experiencing Reiki

Discussion – chance to ask questions


Reiki Levels

Beginner – Level 1

You are able to give Reiki to yourself and do hand’s on Reiki healing for friends or family.

Advanced – Level 2
Reiki Practitioner

You can give Reiki to yourself and others plus do long-distance Reiki healing. This is the minimum training you need in order to call yourself a Reiki practitioner and provide it as a paid service to others.

Master – Level 3
Master Teacher-Practitioner

You can give Reiki to yourself and others, do long-distance Reiki healing, teach others and give attunements.


What does Reiki do?

The Reiki practitioner channels energy, allowing the recipient to heal themselves.

The practitioner does not heal. It is very important that you understand this. You, as a practitioner do not heal. You provide the energy that another can use for healing. You direct the energy, you send the energy. The recipient uses the energy for healing to whatever their optimal level may be. Keep your ego out of it.

Reiki = the energy of the universe. It is us, it surrounds us.

Unlike many other types of energy healing, the practitioner does not use personal energy. Because the practitioner does not use personal energy he can give himself a Reiki treatment as well as others. Reiki can also be given to plants, animals, food, stones and crystals, rooms, buildings, anything at all that needs healing.

Reiki heals. There are many factors at work here. Reiki helps people to achieve optimal wellness, for them. For someone at the end of their life, optimal wellness may mean death.

Sometimes, when Reiki is used for healing the illness may seem to get worse and things may come to a head before they get better. I’ve seen this especially when one is seeking emotional or mental healing. This is a normal part of the healing process.



Rub your hands briskly together for a few seconds. Move them about 8 inches apart and slowly move your hands together until you feel a pressure or a tingling between your hands. Move your hands closer together and further apart, feeling the pressure and pull between your hands.

Move your hands around and form the energy between your hands into a ball. Make the ball larger and smaller. Stretch it out long, bring it in short. Pass it from one hand to the other.

Play with it for a few minutes then let it pass from your hands into the ground below. Shake your hands a few times to get rid of any excess or run body temperature water over them.


Reiki Ethics

Seeking permission

Before giving Reiki ask and receive the recipient’s permission. If the person is fully awake and alert, ask directly. If they are not awake or for whatever reason are not able to respond, then seek the permission of a spouse or family member. If this also is not an option and you feel that Reiki is appropriate, then ask God, the universe, and the person’s guardian spirits to accept the healing o the person’s behalf and send it into the person.

If you get any kind of inkling at all that the Reiki is not wanted or needed, stop. You may hit a wall the Reiki can’t go beyond, you may realise you can’t get the energy to flow, the person may become restless and show signs of agitation. These are all signs that the Reiki work you are doing is not appropriate. In situations like this it is not your place to try to break down those barriers or force healing on someone who neither wants ir or needs it. To continue means you are sending Reiki not out of a place of love and compassion but from a place of seeking personal gain and stroking your own ego.

Seek permission every time you go to work on someone, whether it is your first time with them or your 10th. I see an elderly client regularly, and I start every session by telling her I am there to do her “healing” and asking her if that is okay.  When I first did Reiki for her, I encountered her guardian angel, who gave me very explicit instructions. I was to provide Reiki for comfort and pain relief, never for healing illness. And, I was to send it as love.


Sensei Mikao Usui found was that people did not appreciate and value Reiki healing if they didn’t have to give something in return for it. In the Western culture this translates into money. However, I have found that as long as there is some sort of exchange, this is satisfied. This exchange can be an exchange of energy, an exchange of money, or an exchange of teaching or services. I have even given Reiki with the understanding that a good deed be paid forward.

With my elderly client mentioned above, I was also told by her guardian angel that I needed to see her as long as she wanted and I couldn’t charge her for the Reiki. I don’t mind getting instructions like this, as long as the spirits and guardians don’t ask it for every client.

When things don’t go as planned

Look at your own involvement. Reiki is given with no expectations. Did you keep your ego out of the results?
And remember, just because the Reiki didn’t go as you had planned does not mean it didn’t go as it needed to go.

If the energy isn’t sending

Even though you asked for and received permission, it could be that the Reiki itself knows that it is not needed and so doesn’t flow. Or, while the person has given conscious permission, at a subconscious level they do not want to receive the energy. Do not try to force it. Let the energy go where it needs to go.

Trust that the Reiki is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Also, even if you cannot feel it moving, trust that it is somehow. Many times the Reiki practitioner doesn’t feel the energy moving, especially when doing self- healing or healing work for close family.


How can you learn Reiki 1?

Reiki has become widespread enough that you can find Master-Teachers nearly everywhere across the globe. Begin your search by going to Reiki practitioners to experience healing from them directly. If you like the way a person practices, them speak to them about learning Reiki for yourself.

If they do not offer Reiki teaching, they should be able to get you in touch with their own teacher or another person who provides training.

Training with me

I offer small teaching sessions for between 1 and 4 people in the comfort of your home. I charge a fee of £200 for the day, regardless of the number of students. In other words 1 person would pay £200, 4 people would pay £50 each.

A training session starts around 9am and lasts until about 3pm with an hour break for lunch. If necessary this can be done over 2 days/evenings.

I am also willing to do long distance training, provided the student has previous experience in raising energy and working with it. This training consists of exchanges via email and at least 1 skype session, with or without video link. I charge £100 for the distance training, including all attunements.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions on the matter.





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