Will Reiki Treatment Be Effective If I Am Kneeling

I was glancing through some of the search terms used to find “The Healing Room” and this phrase popped out at me. My immediate response was a rather resounding “Yes!”

But that makes for a rather short blog. So I’m going to expand a bit.

Many years ago, I took a class in Qi Gong through the local adult education centre. The instructor taught a variety of Qi Gong known Zhan Zhuang (Translated: Stand like a tree) where in the beginning levels specific positions are held with little movement. Classes started with what are called the “Baduanjin” a series of arm moving exercises used to get the body’s energy, or Chi, moving.

During the class one Satuday morning, I asked the instructor, “Can someone do Qi Gong if they have no arms?”

My mind is always coming out with off the wall thoughts like that.

He told me – Yes, because what matters is the intention.

And this is my answer here. It matters not how you are sitting or lying or standing when you send Reiki. What matters most is your own intentions.

I have personally sent Reiki to others many different ways.

Standing, sitting, lying down, kneeling, sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor.

I’ve sent it through my hands, through my feet, through my belly, and through breast milk to my infant sons. I’ve sent it via the umbilical cord while my babies were still in the womb, and I’ve sent it via the etheric umbilical cord which exists between mother and child after they are born (this dissipated naturally at around 3 years of age).

I’ve sent it through time and space, to be recieved by people the other side of the world or the other side of the room. I’ve sent it to be received hours into the past, and days into the future.

I’ve used Reiki to bend time in order to get from one place to another on time without breaking speed limit laws.

I see clients in their homes and it is not always practical to ask them to lie down. I don’t bring a massage table because many of my clients don’t have the space in their home to set one up, so the work is done while they are seated comfortably in a chair or lying on the floor.

What each and every method of sending Reiki had in common – they all worked.

So, will a treatment be effective if you are kneeling? Absolutely!





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