10 Benefits of Reiki

10 benefits

1. Reiki calms the mind

In 2002 a study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center was published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine which indicated that Reiki can induce physiological changes in the body indicative of decreased stress and increased relaxation.

After 30 minutes, all 23 participants experienced a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure, while salivary IgA levels and skin temperature rose. These are physiological signs that the body is more relaxed. Subjectively, the participants reported a decreased anxiety level and described the experience as peaceful, soothing, quiet and gentle.

Source: University of Texas Health Science Center. Authors: Joan Engebretson, R.N., Dr.Ph., and Diane Wind Wardell, R.N.C., Ph.D. Originally published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 2002, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 48-53.

2. Reiki eases pain

Several studies have been conducted looking at the effects of Reiki on pain. One such, a Cochrane Review of Touch Therapies,

Reiki eases pain

Reiki eases pain

looked at a selection of studies conducted on Therapeutic Touch (TT), Healing Touch (HT), and Reiki. Only studies which had sham placebo or a ‘no treatment’ control group were included in this review.

In the end, 24 studies involving 1153 participants were looked at. There were five, sixteen and three studies on HT, TT and Reiki respectively. After reviewing data from all of the studies, the authors conclusions were that Touch Therapies may have a modest effect on pain relief with more studies being needed for further evaluation. The greatest pain relieving effects were seen in those studies using Reiki with more experienced Reiki practitioners.

Source: So PS, Jiang Y, Qin Y. Touch therapies for pain relief in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD006535. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD006535.pub2

3. Reiki aids sleep

Reiki aids sleep

Reiki aids sleep

One of the few studies looking at Reiki and sleep used 15 volunteers (10 female, 5 male) who reported difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep, and/or poor quality sleep. Each was taught to self-administer Reiki. Each subject completed a pre-Reiki and post-Reiki “Beliefs and Attitudes about Sleep” questionnaire, a “Sleep Hygiene Analysis” questionnaire, and a “Stress and Anxiety” questionnaire. In addition, the each underwent pre and post Reiki interviews and vital signs assessments.

Results indicated that Reiki is beneficial for sleep because it decreases episodes of insomnia and improves sleep patterns.

Source: Institution: Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama; Author: Kimberley R. Pugh; Advisor(s): Dr. Janice Martin; Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health; Year: 2004

4. Reiki Aids Spiritual Growth

I will start by saying that Reiki does not belong to any one particular religious belief system. It is not Buddhist. It is not Taoist. It is not part of Shintoism. It is not Christian. It is not Muslim. It is not Hindu. Because Reiki is not part of any religion, it can be used by any.

When Mikao Usui trained others in Reiki he taught it first as a spiritual and meditative practice. The simplest meditation was

Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles

known as the First Pillar of Reiki, or the Gassho Meditation. Gassho means “two hands coming together”, and in the Western world is sometimes called the “prayer position”.

The Gassho Position is used to bring focus to the mind, bring the self into balance, and show respect to Spirit.

I do this meditation by taking the Gassho position, focusing on the tips of the fingers, and chanting the Reiki Principles silently to myself. Other methods of meditating using the Gassho can be found below under Resources.

The Reiki Principles themselves to the best of my knowledge do not conflict with the teachings of any of the world’s major religions.

The Gassho meditation can be done regardless of faith, religion, or spiritual belief (or non-belief). One does not have to invoke any particular Deity to meditate on the Reiki Principles, though they can choose to focus on the Deity of their particular beliefs before or while reciting them. For example, a Muslim could choose to hold his hands upwards and recite the Principles as an act of du’a (supplication) while a Christian could use the Principles as a daily devotion, both asking respective Deity for aid in following these principles.

5. Reiki increases white blood cell production

Innate_Immune_cellsA study on Reiki conducted by the Helfgott Research Institue at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon looked at the effects of Reiki on cellular immunity.

Two protocols were used. In the first, research participants were divided into three groups, Reiki, relaxation control, or neither Reiki nor relaxation control. Blood was drawn before treatment, immediately after treatment, and four hours after treatment. The second protocol exposed each subject to each treatment through the following process: blood draw, relaxation, blood draw, Reiki, blood draw.

White blood cells were isolated and marked in the laboratory. Preliminary reports show an increase in cell activation in the group of each cell type. The number of white blood cells in those who received Reiki was increased over the control group. This provides the basis for further study into the effects of energy healing on the immune system.

Source: Hodsdon, W., Mendenhall, E., Green, R., Kates-Chinnoy,S., Wacker, E, & Zwickey, H. The Effect of Reiki on the Immune System. Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland , Oregon , USA

6. Reiki increased intuition and creativity

Whether writing, or painting, problem-solving, or even trying to think up a new business venture, practising Reiki can bring clarity and focus to the situation.

When providing Reiki for others, through practice he will begin to know intuitively where his hands need to be placed and for how long. This intuitive style of Reiki is as Usui originally taught, along with having his students scan the recipient before a session. In this way, the Reiki practitioner knew where to direct the flow of energy.

I and others have successfully used Reiki in conjunction with other creative activities such as drawing and painting, writing, and even in the creation of tattoos.

7. Reiki aids people through the grieving process

Reiki allows for healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. For this reason, it can be of great benefit for

Reiki helps release grief

Reiki helps release grief

anyone dealing with grief.

It is especially of benefit for those who have stalled in the grieving process. Reiki can aid in releasing the trapped emotions associated with grief allowing the recipient to move forward in life.

8. Reiki complements other healing methods

Reiki does not interfere with the actions of medications or treatments. It can be safely used alongside any other form of healing therapy.

It has been used to positive effect in medical hospitals in conjunction with allopathic treatments with positive results for patients and as noted above can be useful in promoting healing in the recipient.

9. Reiki helps to decrease stress and anxiety

Reiki has been used successfully to help reduce stress and anxiety. I reference several studies at The Benefits of Reiki in Work Related Stress Management.

Dr Ann L. Baldwin from the University of Arizona, in Tucson has studied the affects of Reiki on rodents. This is what she had to say on the subject while on a research trip to Bristol:

“…during the last few years I have become concerned about the environment in which animals (mainly rodents) are housed for research. I have also become interested in Reiki. Although most facilities are extremely clean and the animals are free of disease, the environment is often extremely noisy and I have shown that this type of noise actually causes inflammation of the animals’ blood vessels and intestine (Wilson and Baldwin, Microcirculation 5, 299-308, 1998; Wilson and Baldwin, Microcirculation 6, 189-198, 1999). In addition, more often than not, rodents are housed in tiny cages with little or no enrichment. There is evidence to show that noisy and/or Spartan conditions affect the scientific data obtained from rodents and so confound experimental results. I came to Bristol for a month to study a technique to measure stress hormones in rodents so that I can provide data to show that the animals are stressed by such living conditions. By doing this, I hope to improve the welfare of research animals and the validity of the data obtained from them.”

The study done by Dr Baldwin looked at the effect of noise on the intestinal vasculature of rats, with and without the additional application of Reiki. Living in environments filled with constant ambient background noises, such as is found in hospitals, can lead to nonauditory disorders in humans and animals that impair recovery. In rats, the stress from such noises can lead to damage to the mesenteric vasculature in the intestine. This causes leakage of plasma into the surrounding tissue.

In a study conducted by Dr Baldwin groups of 4 rats were exposed to different situations. 1 group received noise plus Reiki daily, 2 received either “sham” Reiki or noise daily, and one did not receive noise or Reiki. The experiment was repeated 3 times to check for reproducibility.

At the conclusion of each experiment, the rats were then checked to determine the extent of microvascular leakage in the intestinal walls. In all three experiments, the amount of intestinal leakage was significantly reduced for rats exposed to Reiki compared to the other noise groups. The experiment was unable to determine if the effects were caused by the Reiki or if it was due to the relaxing effect of the Reiki practitioner, however, it was felt that the use of Reiki could be useful in reducing the effects of noise related environmental stress on research rats and hospital patients.

Source: Personal Interaction with a Reiki Practitioner Decreases Noise-Induced Microvascular Damage in an Animal Model
J Altern Complement Med. 2006 Jan-Feb;12(1):15-22.

A second study conducted at the University of Arizona, Tucson by Dr Baldwin et al, looked at the effect of Reiki on noise-stressed rats’ heart rates and blood pressures. A previous study had shown that exposure to 90dB white noise for 15 minutes caused their heart rate and blood pressure to rise. Noise-stressed rats were therefore used as an animal model to test the efficacy of Reiki in reducing elevated heart rates and blood pressures.

Three male rats had radiotelemetric transducers implanted and were exposed to 15 minutes of white noise at 90bD daily X 8 days. For the final 5 days, the rats were exposed to Reiki for 15 minutes immediately before the noise exposure and throughout the noise exposure. The experiment was then repeated, except the rats received “sham” Reiki. For the duration of the experiment, the ratswere housed in a quiet room. A mean heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) for each animal was determined before Reiki/sham Reiki, during Reiki/sham Reiki, and during the noise exposure.

The results showed that Reiki, but not sham Reiki, significantly reduced HR compared to initial values in the rats. With Reiki, there was a high correlation between change in HR and initial HR, suggesting a homeostatic effect. Reiki, but not sham Reiki, significantly reduced the rise in HR produced by exposure of the rats to loud noise. Neither Reiki nor sham Reiki significantly affected blood pressure.

The conclusion of this experiment was that Reiki could be effective in reducing the HR in stressed rats, and by correlation could be an effective stress reducer for humans.

Source: Reiki and Rats’ heart rates and blood pressure; J Altern Complement Med. 2008 May;14(4):417-22
1: Baldwin AL, Wagers C, Schwartz GE. Laboratory for the Advances in Consciousness and Health, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0068, USA.

10. Reiki removed energy blocks

It is believed that energy lines can be found throughout the body. When energy can move freely along these lines, a person is healthy, but when energy flows are blocked then illness can result. This is part of the basics of acupuncture and other energetic healing systems. Wellness is promoted by removing blockages to the energy flow.

Reiki healing techniques can be used as well to locate and remove these energy blocks, thus restoring the energy flow through the body.


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