Biography of a Healer

The Growth and Development of an Energy Healer

I have been discovering, growing, and learning as a healer since the mid-1980s. My journey started when I was at university in the nursing program where I learned of nursing theorist, Martha Rogers and has continued to this day with my study of shamanic healing methods and soul midwifery.

I have been using Reiki since 1993, received attunements as a Reiki Master-Teacher in 1998, and since have continued developing as a healer. This is the story of my life as a healer.

I first learned Reiki back in 1993, a few years before it became so well known across the world. Three months after receiving my Reiki 1 attunement I went back and received the Reiki 2. Over the next 5 years I used Reiki regularly both at home and at work. I used Reiki on my family, friends, pets, co-workers, and patients, I sent Reiki into the food I ate, into situations, and to myself.

In 1998 I decided to expand my Reiki knowledge and after a period of learning received the Reiki Master attunements, enabling me to use Reiki at a Higher level and to teach and attune others in Reiki.

Most Western Reiki practitioners have a lineage of learning that traces back to Mrs Takata, who brought Reiki to her home in Hawaii, and from there to the rest of the United States and ultimately the rest of the world. I have kept track of my own lineage and am happy to share it with anyone who needs to know it.

I’ve discussed my thoughts about Reiki lineage before.

Japanese Reiki | Reiki Gakkai

Mrs Takata was the first non-Japanese person to be taught Reiki. When she brought Reiki to America she taught that Reiki had died in Japan with Mikao Usui, and in many ways she was right. For a while Reiki was outlawed in Japan after the second world war. There are reports of some people being arrested even.

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Reiki survived however. German Reiki Master Frank Arjava Petter was living with his Japanese wife in Japan in the mid 1990s where they both taught English and Reiki. One of their students mentioned that other in Japan also taught Reiki, but of a different form. The Petters investigated and were able to make contact with a group of Japanese Reiki Masters. This is a secretive group and not much is known about them. Frank Petter was given a copy of Usui’s handbook though, which he has had translated and published.

While I have not been attuned in Japanese Reiki, I have studied the small amount of information which is available and have read through Usui’s handbook several times. What I discovered was that as my own Reiki practice has evolved and become less restrictive and more intuitive, it has become more in line with these original teachings of Sensei Usui.

Intuitive Reiki | Listening to the voice within

I was originally trained in Western style Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki as passed down from Mrs Takata. Over time though, probably as a result of work I was doing elsewhere in witchcraft and spellcasting, I began following my intuition more when sending Reiki especially when I was doing distance healing work.

Looking at the Chakra systems and energy flow led me to develop my own ideas about energy blockages and ways of opening up those blockages which were not taught in the original Reiki classes I had taken.

I sense blockages as a lack of movement in the energy flow. Just like a pool of water that has stopped moving, energy which isn’t moving stagnates and builds up toxins and other nasties within it. I do not believe in negative energy, I believe that there is moving and stagnant energy. Removing the block that is preventing the energy from flowing will help, but if energy has stagnated for too long, then this sludge will need to be removed as well as that too can and will cause a blockage.

This is why, when I am working, even though you might be having a pain in your shoulder, I am concentrating and working on your hip. The hole (which is where illness or dis-ease develops) is not necessarily in the same location as the blockage.

Removing minor blockages led to removing major blockages, and before anyone could tell me it couldn’t be done I was doing intuitive extractions. Now, it has all come together and I am learning new methods as I add sounds and tones to the healing process.

Intuitive Reiki is constantly moving, changing, and growing.

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Shamanism and Reiki

I have had an interest in Shamanism for 20 years, but the opportunity and time for learning more about it hadn’t presented itself until recently.

I am now learning and using techniques for Shamanic Healing. Already I can see where these techniques overlap and can enhance the work I do as an Intuitive Healer.



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