Not Everyone Can Benefit From Energy Healing

I was roaming round the internet and came across several pages discussing how everyone can benefit from Reiki or other forms of energy healing and it got me to thinking.

I don’t actually believe this is true.

There are people who won’t benefit from Energy Healing work and it does them no service to try to convince them otherwise.


Who are these people?

1. The person who quite firmly discounts any possible validity to Energy Healing.

It doesn’t matter what sort of work you do, this person will actively be looking for reasons why it hasn’t worked before you even walk in the room. All experiences will be written off as coincidental or unrelated to the work done.

If you do try to work with this person, you will most likely find a very firmly implanted, albeit subconscious wall blocking any energy you are trying to send.

2. The person who believes receiving energy healing will violate a personal religious code.

Even though most Energy Healing methods have equivalents in every major religion, and even though as far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter what you call Energy Healing because the Energy ultimately all comes from the same Source. If you say you are doing Reiki and the intended recipient believes Reiki is evil, he will be more focused on the idea that it is evil than on the idea that Universal Healing Energy transcends any religion. Instead of gaining from the experience, he will be too wrapped up in feeling guilty to find it of use.

He’ll be better off with someone who can offer him Energy Healing wrapped up in his religious beliefs.

3. The person who has invested a lot of time and personal energy into remaining unwell and is unwilling to give that up.

People are out there who regardless of what they may say, at some level don’t want healing. They want to stay unwell because that satisfies some need they are holding on to. Those needs may not be in the person’s conscious awareness, but it will be obvious when you run across these people. They jump from one healer to the next searching for the ultimate healing experience, but always find it somehow lacking because “it just didn’t work”. Every thing will be a crisis in this person’s world. And advice while solicited is never welcomed. The work you do will be declared “not working” as she bounces off to the next energy healer in line.

4. The person who at core level just doesn’t like you. Even though you’re a really nice guy.

Doesn’t matter why, if your client doesn’t like you she isn’t going to trust you, and if she doesn’t trust you, the work you do is going to be rejected. It may be she will find benefit from another Energy Healer, but that is for her to discover and not for you to push.

And it makes no difference how focused I might be on sending with love, this person will be actively rejecting that energy. I might as well be pouring it directly into the Earth.

5. The person who thinks you should give your service for free, no matter what

The person is going to be too busy resenting the idea that you expect him to pay you to benefit from any work you may do.

Yeah, I said that. As a healer, you are providing a service and you are providing your time. I get that some people think healing should always be freely given, but think about it for a moment. What worth do you place on the freebies you get while out shopping compared to those things you had to spend hard-earned cash for? Not a lot. It’s the same with your work, and my work.

This isn’t to say that if you are so led you can’t offer your service as a healer for free, or for a discounted price, or as a barter exchange. Worth doesn’t have to come only through the exchange of money. This is one of the Usui Reiki myths which I actually believe has merit though – Reiki (and all other forms of Energy Healing Work) must be exchanged in some way for something of equal worth.

6. The person who does not believe in the existence or possibility of souls, human energy fields, spirit worlds, and the rest. 

Whatever you do or say is going to be dismissed as froufrou unscientific, unproven balderdash. Like the above person who doesn’t believe in the possibility of Energy Healing (I have known people who believe people have souls but don’t believe it is possible to provide healing on an energetic level) this person will attribute to coincidence or chance, or possibly even trickery any experience they have as a result of the work that you do.


With the exception of the Healer Hoppers and those wanting everything for free, people who aren’t going to benefit from Energy Healing generally don’t seek it out, they have it thrust upon them by a well-meaning friend or family member. Trying to do healing work with any of these people though is like trying to send healing to a brick wall. And in the end, we’re both frustrated and possibly even a little angered.

It’s far better to recognise these people before they are lying on the table or sitting in the chair waiting for me to begin. We’ll both be happier in the long run.







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6 responses to “Not Everyone Can Benefit From Energy Healing

  1. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over
    again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

  2. Axis Mundi

    Great article here and good to see some home truths out there which I’m sure many therapists have entertained in private. It’s sad to say but ultimately people will experience illness for as long as they choose to or at least until they decide to sincerely devote their energy to becoming well and in that respect, all of the above points are relevant. Thanks……

  3. Really enjoyed your reading through your blog, very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Hattie

  4. Really enjoyed reading through your blog, very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Hattie

  5. I loved and appreciated your article! It is so true.
    I’ve been in energy healing myself for years, seeing clients who showed great results from just 1-2 sessions, and, of course, also met a couple of people, who said energy session wasn’t that effective on them. They usually try out a bit of everything on alternative services market, looking for a magical cure-all. But usually at scheduling this client’s first appointment, you already know they won’t be back for a second one.
    What really accelerates a healing process is willingness to be your own healer and having an open mind to the process.
    Unfortunately, a person may seek a cure, but in some cases resist the healing change.
    Thank you for this article!

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