Thoughts on the Afterlife

Thoughts I have shared elsewhere on what I believe happens to us after we die.

Writings of a Pagan Witch

Thursday’s Talking Point

Yes, this was due to come out last Thursday, but as I went to write it, I realised I didn’t have everything I needed yet. There was still something missing. Over the weekend, I discovered what was missing, and now I am ready to share my thoughts.

Fellow blogger Rowan Mistwalker has written some very good pieces on the subject of Death and Dyingover the past several days. I would like to share two of her most recent posts with you here, and I encourage you to follow over to read what she has to say once you finish reading here.

Putting Away Aging and Death

On Death and Dying: Societal and Personal Perspectives
More than dying though, this is a focus on what I think happens after we die. It’s a scary subject, death, because we just don’t know what happens next. Heaven and…

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