When Someone You Love is Dying

These words sang to me. Enough so that I knew I needed to share them onwards with you, my readers.



MistWalker's Trails

Death Midwifery: It's not for everyone, however, there are things that everyone should know – even if, or perhaps especially if, you are not called to serve in this capacity.

Whether we like it or not, Death will touch every one of our lives at some point in time. As a Death Midwife, myself, I have found a number of truths that should be passed on to the friends, family, and loved ones who are aware of a Nearing Passing. These things are of value to those who will remain on the Mortal Plane, both as a matter of gentling the Passing of your loved one, as well as making the process of Dying a smoother Pathway than it otherwise might be.

1.) The primary thing to remember is that Death is a Lady. She is a gentle Queen. Do not mistake the manner of HOW your loved one is…

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