Just Be

dont try just be

I’ve been getting this message a lot over the past many weeks.

Who am I? – Just be.

What do I need to do? – Just be.

This came up most recently during a discussion on the concepts of Trust and Surrender. What are they and how do you know you’re doing them?

And what I most got out of this discussion was that both ideas stem from not living in the present. Trust is based upon previous experience. Surrender is based upon future events. Neither have or need a place when you are living fully in the present.

During a recent shamanic journey, I was given the message that I need to be more like a jellyfish – drifting on the ocean’s currents, knowing that what they need will be provided.

So of course, my first gut response is to worry – How do I just let myself trust? How do I surrender? How can I be like a jellyfish?

And the Gods sent me to this discussion on Trust and Surrender. And now, they have sent me this simple little meme making the rounds on Facebook.

Don’t try, just be.




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