Healing Heart to Heart

One of the biggest dangers in doing Reiki and other forms of energy healing work is allowing ego, personal desires and motives, get in the way of the energy flow. Yes, there are times I direct intention when I use energy. More often than not though, I need to take a step back and allow the energy to move through me, trusting that it will go to where it needs to be used.

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...It is in the heart space that we forge emotional connections to others. When doing energy healing work, I find it useful to create a connection with the recipient and this heart connection provides a readily available beginning. That connection allows the energy to flow where it needs to be, without the interference of my ego.

At the end of healing work done this way, it is very important at the end to remove that connection, especially if you are working with a 1-time client.

There are two methods I use when doing healing work this way.

Method 1

I open myself up to channelling healing energy and build up a continuously replenishing reservoir of that energy within my solar plexus. I then move that energy outwards from my heart space to the recipient of the healing work and connect it to their heart space. It matters not whether I have a physical connection or the work is done over a distance. Once the connection is made, then I simply step back and allow the energy to flow to where it needs to go.

It may be that I am intuitively directed to place my hands at different points on the body, or sense a need to remove stagnated energies. If I lose my focus, I direct my attention back to that heart connection.

Method 2

I combine energy healing using Reiki with Shamanic journeying techniques. My intention here is to create a heart connection, allowing my awareness to travel through that connection into the heart space of the recipient.

Once there, I ask to speak to the guardian of the heart space. Often times, this is a Spirit Animal. I am then able to speak to the Spirit Animal and ask what healing work needs to be done, and where.

Case study

Using method 2 I journeyed into the heart space of a middle aged woman. I found myself in a very well tended Italian style garden with manicured lawns, defined beds of flowers, and niches with different statues. I located the Guardian of her heart space and asked to be shown where healing work needed to be done.

I was shown an ignored place in this garden where brambles and weeds had been allowed to overrun the area, and was instructed to clear this space. I set about doing just that, pulling out weeds and removing brambles until a pond filled with stagnated water was seen.

I continued to clear and clean, pulling out the smelly, dirty gunky water until a fountain was revealed and I cleaned that as well. When I finished, a stream of clean, clear water moved freely through the fountain into a pool below.

Once finished, I asked if any other work needed to be done, was told not at this time, and so I gave my thanks and returned into my own heart space. I then removed the connection and re-entered normal space and time.


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