Soul Paths | Death and Dying

Recently, I have been reflecting on who I am and where it is I want to find myself in life in coming years.

The eternal questions – who am I and what is my purpose?

My life was laid out for me a year ago. I had a family and was making plans to move with them to Scotland where we would open a tea and coffee shop and I would run a Healing Practice.

But all of that was laid to waste. We didn’t move, and I am in the process of divorcing.

So, here I am again at the age of 47 asking myself – “Who am I?” “What is my life purpose?” and high on that list (Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?) “How can I support myself and my children?”

Evaluation and questioning has led me to realise that I need to work as a healer. Further reflection has helped me to understand that  much of my life experience, both as an energy healer and previously as a nurse, points towards supporting people as they reach the end of their life. In the UK, people who do this are sometimes called “Soul Midwives”. In the US I have seen them called “Death Midwives” or “Death Doulas”.

Whatever the name, the work is the same. Supporting people with love as they make the transition from living into the next realm, called death.

I am now looking to see what training is available in this area. I know I already have some knowledge and experience, but by doing the training I will be more entitled to using the title, and more likely to be able to obtain whatever insurance is needed in order to practice.

I will be doing more writing on this subject over the coming weeks, and will be including links to books and other means by which I can raise the money needed to take this training.


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