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Reiki Masters

Reiki Masters (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life..Wishing everyone a nice day..)

I wrote about this topic a while back, so I do apologize if I’ve ended up repeating myself here a bit too much.

As changes come about in Reiki and the way it is defined in the UK, I am seeing more and more emphasis on having the “right” lineage. Namely, some of the various Reiki federations, associations, and groups located in the UK require that you be able to prove your lineage linking directly back to Usui.

Of course, the question must be asked, do you need to be a member of one of these groups in order to practice Reiki in the UK?

Well, not yet.

But if you are practicing in a clinic where you need to hold indemnity insurance, membership in one of these groups is needed in order to obtain it.

What’s this got to do with lineage?

If you’ve been attuned in Reiki through a traditional manner, this isn’t a worry for you. If you were attuned in a non-traditional manner, for instance full attunements via long distance, some won’t accept your lineage or your attunements as being authentic.

If you’ve not learned the right symbols at the right levels (for varying degrees of right) some won’t accept your lineage or your attunements as being authentic.

Oddly enough, at least one Reiki organisation in the UK that I know of won’t accept membership from anyone who was attuned through one particular Reiki Master or any of his Master level students who teach that tradition, even though his lineage can be traced directly back to Usui. It can’t be traced through Takata though.

It’s silly really.

I’ll let everyone here in on a couple non-secrets now.

I’ve done Reiki attunements for a 2 people up to Master level via long distance over the past 14 years. Both were skilled energy healers prior to taking teaching on Reiki from me, one of the major criteria I have before I will consider doing distance teaching or attunements.

I taught and attuned my husband up to Master level without teaching him any of the symbols. He is severely dyslexic and found it impossible to see the symbols. He was doing distance Reiki work for about 6 months prior to actually receiving the Level 2 attunements.

I’ve received Reiki from some of those trained students and taken courses and done workshops with and through them.

Each of these people is a very good healer, and very good at what they do and how they do it. But according to the limitations discussed above, they would not be considered to be “real” Reiki Masters. These people also don’t really give a damn about meeting someone else’s definitions, so this isn’t an issue for them.

Now, there are a some training methods and attunement methods I don’t agree with and I don’t think should be encouraged.

Weekend intensive programs which shoot a person from complete novice to Master level in a weekend.

Those who offer to attune you long distance attunements without requiring any sort of teaching or prior experience. Just put your hands on the screen and poof! you’ll be a Reiki Master. (Yes, I’ve seen the websites).

If you are a Reiki Healer, is lineage important to you?

If you receive Reiki healing, is the lineage of your practitioner important?


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2 responses to “Looking At Reiki Lineage

  1. Love your viewpoint. Thank you! Yes, I think mindfulness and intention are very important in the process. I don’t resonate with the “poof! you’re a master” teaching either but think at a distance is just fine if there is a mindfulness in the process. I am about to do my first online class and all those who have signed up are already healers and the class is 30 days long and for level 1 only. There is homework and case studies as well as discussion required to get the certification. I’ve been teaching for 6 years and just finally felt it was time to do some teaching of Reiki this way. It resonates with me and many of my clients and other students.

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