Are you walking your soul path?

English: Traditional Hindu Diagram of Heart Chakra

English: Traditional Hindu Diagram of Heart Chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently asked myself this question, and today did some meditation work to try to discover the answer.

The beautiful Kay Gillard wrote recently on just this subject (How can I tell if I’m walking my soul path) and I used the guided meditation she references in the post to seek guidance on my own soul path.

I am learning that being on the right path doesn’t always mean the way will be easy. Sometimes easy comes because I’ve taken the path of least resistence instead of going the way I’m supposed to be going. It’s all too easy to stay in the same ruts because that is what has become comfortable and familiar.

In this meditation, I first focused on my breathing and relaxation, then placing my hands over my heart I just let myself feel the rhythm and beat it produced. Each beat led me deeper inside myself until my Heart Centre opened up like a beautiful multi-petaled flower, revealing a large open space filled with flowers and grass and streams of water.

At the centre of this space stood a tree and when I stood near the tree or touched it I could feel the beating of my own heart within.

I asked to be shown my Soul Path. What I saw was a beautiful spiralling trail, silvery and shining from far in the past, to

Deutsch: Slinky Springs to Fame: Beleuchtung

far into the future.

I asked to be shown the path I was walking, and saw something completely different. I saw a thin weed-choked linear trail, with grasses beaten down. All through my life, I could see stretching back, this linear path had touched upon the spiralling path. Then as the spiral curved away, I would continue on forward. Determined to move in a straight line, whatever the cost.

Pushing forwards towards the next goal, the next idea, instead of living in the moment.

Working within the meditation, I then moved myself onto this beautiful, spirally Soul Path of mine and I set my intentions to continue following it.

The message I received through all of this: Don’t be in such a hurry to reach the next target. Fully live and experience the entire course.





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2 responses to “Are you walking your soul path?

  1. A good answer to a good question. (Thank you for the mention.)

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