Do You Need Indemnity Insurance?

Reiki Blog Project 2012 – I

I’ve been contemplating for some time this question, and I must admit that I am torn. So, I’m listing out the reasons both for having insurance and against and leaving it to you, my reader, to give me your own opinion on the matter.


insurance (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

Reasons for having Indemnity Insurance

It may be a legal requirement to practice based upon the State (if in the USA) or country in which you live.

Membership in a professional organisation and the presence of indemnity insurance provides a level of protection for the client and for the practitioner.


Reasons against having Indemnity Insurance

The cost can be quite high for self-employed practitioners.

At least in the UK, in order to obtain indeminity insurance as a Reiki Practitioner you must belong to a professional Reiki association.It’s possible you could disagree with some of the basic tenets of that organisation.

In order to join most of these organisations, you must be trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and able to trace your lineage back to Usui, thus restricting the availability of indeminty insurance.





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2 responses to “Do You Need Indemnity Insurance?

  1. Having insurance is useful if you’re a practitioner. There are some very reasonable insurers out there, but I’d go with a one that has been recommended by word of mouth. For me, it’s good to know it’s there in the background should I ever need it!

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