Reiki Hand Positions: Help or Hindrance?

Reiki Blog Project 2012 – Hand Positions


This image depicts a Reiki treatment in progre...

This image depicts a Reiki treatment in progress. Author: James Logan; Uploaded by Andy Beer with agreement of author and models. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Basic to any Reiki course along Hawayo Takata‘s lineage is the teaching of the hand positions. Students diligently learn exactly where to place their hands, and how long to place their hands at each point. Practitioners can even buy products which will chime at 3 or 5 minute intervals, indicating when it is time to change hand positions.


While this teaching serves a purpose, and I think teaching hand positions is a good thing for those with no experience at all in Energy Healing methods, too many students never move beyond this beginner level. And too many teachers continue to teach advanced (Reiki 2 and Reiki 3) students the hand positions as dogma.


Teaching hand positions to one who is a beginner to Energy healing and Reiki can aide the student in gaining confidence in their abilities. Once past the beginner stage, strict adherence to this teaching can actually hinder development as a healer.


Too many stick to the hand positions even when they have urges to move their hands elsewhere. Too many keep their hands in one place even as a voice is screaming for them to move elsewhere because the requisite length of time has not passed yet. Or, they move their hands because 3 minutes (or 5 minutes) have passed, even though the voice of intuition is screaming to keep their hands in place for longer.


Can Reiki only be sent via the hands?


I am amused, and amazed, sometimes at the number of Reiki practitioners who have never realised that Reiki can be sent using methods other than the hands. Over the years, I have successfully sent Reiki using my feet, elbows, bum, tummy, through breast milk, and even along the etheric umbilical cord which continued to connect my children to me until they were about 3 years of age.


Any part of the body can be used to send Reiki, or no part at all. Granted, I’m not likely to utilise my bum while sending Reiki to a client, however I have used it many times when lying in bed with my husband. I believe that only a mother would be able to send via the etheric umbilical cord because that connection existed for the 9 months that baby was in the womb. I, of course, could be proven wrong, but this so far has been my own experience.


By adhering strictly to beginner’s instructions, Reiki practitioners are stifling their development as healers. They are ignoring intuition, and ultimately they are limiting the flow of Reiki.


Is your practice as a healer hindered because of what you were taught? 




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  1. Great points to make, thank you. There is so much to learn with Reiki but we need the structure of hand positions before we allow our intuition to guide us. I shall certainly try a little experimenting with different parts of my body!

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