Breaking Down the Reiki Principles – Work Hard

Preceptos Reiki

Reiki Precepts (Photo credit: César.)


Work Hard.


Just for today I will work hard. In some versions you will see it written as “I will do my work honestly.”


Just for today. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Today. This minute. Right now.


But what is meant by work hard?

We in the Western world, however much we may wish to ignore it, are very much influenced  by a Protestant work ethic. And we can let that Protestant work ethic impinge on our interpretation of this Reiki Principle.


Does it only count if you are toiling, working up a sweat, not getting any enjoyment from the work? Are you going to be judged on how good a healer, or how great a Reiki practitioner you are by how hard you work?


I don’t think so. I believe this is telling you to place your focus on your work, when you are doing your work. Whatever that work may be.


If your work is spiritual growth, then work hard on that. If it is digging ditches, then work hard at that. Whatever you are doing, place your full focus on that.


This Principles does not say: Do your work perfectly. It tells you to put your full and entire focus on your work. Don’t let yourself be distracted by all of life’s little distractions.


When you focus your entire being, mentally and physically on the work you are doing, then you are living in the Now. You’re not worrying about what happened yesterday. You’re not focusing on what work you need to do tomorrow. Your focus is entirely on what is right here, right now, right in front of you.






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