Working with Reiki Guides, or Not

gemeiner Löwenzahn / Pusteblume

gemeiner Löwenzahn / Pusteblume (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a lot of emphasis placed on working with the Reiki Guides, Ascended Masters, or the like in some Reiki circles. For some, this is an idea they can embrace fully, adding a host of spiritual and non-corporeal assistants to their healing entourage.

For others though, the atheist and some highly religious, telling them they have Guides and need to call upon Ascended Masters will actually turn them away from energy healing methods. They either don’t believe in the existence of such beings, or have been taught that calling upon such beings is anathema. Are we to say to these people, sorry energy healing isn’t available to you.


Reiki and other energy healing methods are available to anyone who wishes to use them. And I know from personal experience that one does not have to call upon Ascended Masters, non-corporeal spirit guides, or even God/s for it to work.

As a Pagan, I don’t invoke when creating a ritual circle. I also don’t invoke when I am doing healing work. I don’t beg or plead or ask the spirits to do the work for me either. When using Reiki, I call upon the Powers of the Universe to be with me and ask them to guide me.

I don’t call upon Ascended Masters – these would be the spirits of Mikao Usui and other Reiki Masters who have died. I don’t call down Reiki Guides. Indeed, until a year ago I didn’t work with a Reiki Guide at all. And even now, I don’t call upon it to assist me, thought sometimes it shows up to lend a hand.

Reiki is non-religious. It is a spiritual and healing tool which can be available to anyone. Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Jew, Pagan, Tribal, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever. Let’s not alienate most of this group by insisting they call upon entities they either do not believe in, or cannot call upon for religious reasons.



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