Breaking Down the Reiki Principles: Be Grateful

The concepts of Mikao Usui

The Reiki Principles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boy has this message been hitting me this week. Be grateful. Be thankful for what you have. Honour your abundance and freedom. Honour your self.

What better way to focus on the Now though, than to be grateful in life right now. No worry about what you don’t have. No anger at what your neighbour has but you don’t. Calm, accepting gratefulness right now.

Just for today, be grateful.

It doesn’t tell you what you have to be grateful for. It doesn’t tell you that you even have to be grateful for something. Just a very simple, very basic, gratefulness.

This phrase also doesn’t say that you have to be grateful to anyone or anything. If you want to, you can. But you don’t have to.

There are many variations written of the Reiki Precepts. For this one, I have an urge to go back to see it written in Japanese:

Shoufuku no hihoo
Manbyo no ley-yaku (The secret method of inviting blessings, the spiritual medicine of many illnesses)
Kyo dake wa (Just for today)
Okolu-na (Don’t get angry)
Shinpai suna (Don’t worry)
Kansha shite (Be grateful)
Goo hage me (Work hard)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Be kind to others)
Asa yuu gassho shite kokoro ni neji kuchi ni tonaeyo (Mornings and evenings sit in the gassho position and repeat these words out loud and in your heart)
Shin shin kaizen,(For the improvement of mind and body)
Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Spiritual Healing Method)
Chosso Usui Mikao (The founder, Mikao Usui)

According to Google Translate, Be Grateful (Kansha shite) would look like this:


which google translator says means Thank.

Another translation breaks down kansha shite into:

kansha – thanks (an), gratitude

shite – protagonist, hero, leading part

And back to Being Grateful.

You don’t have to send gratefulness. Heck it doesn’t even say you have to feel grateful.

Just Be.

Be grateful. Be thankful.

To be thankful is to be full of thanks. Does this mean to be grateful is to be full of grates? So, now I head over to the Oxford English Dictionary. My go to place for when I want to know what something means, or where it came from.

Turns out grate is an obsolete word from the 16th century meaning pleasing, thankful which comes originally from the Latin word gratis. And gratis means given or done for nothing; as a kindness.

Got your head round all this yet?

Just for today, be grateful

Today, right now, at this moment, I am grateful. I am pleased. Expecting nothing in return.

What a calm place to be.



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