To Shield or Not to Shield

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When I was taught beginning Reiki I was specifically told that shielding was not necessary because I was working as a channel for Reiki, and my energy and the client’s energy would never mingle.


Since then, I have heard this same message from other Reiki teachers around the globe. Shielding isn’t needed if you hold yourself in perfect trust, if you are using Reiki correctly. It isn’t needed because Reiki protects you.


Of course, this is if the subject is even brought up. Too many people with little to no experience working with energy, healing or otherwise, go to a weekend course which takes them from Reiki 0 to Reiki 2 in the space of a few short hours. There isn’t time to learn about shielding, whether it’s being told to use it or not.

They come out still knowing nothing about energy or grounding, but attuned to channel 100 megawatts of Reiki. They’re also told nothing about healing crisis, or the Reiki cleanse which can happen. And when that all hits, from two (or 3) levels of attunements all in one go, well it can be a harsh lesson.


So, getting back on to my original topic. Do you need to shield when doing energy healing work such as Reiki? Or do you only need to shield when doing energy work other than Reiki?


It depends.


If you are using Reiki with pure intentions. If you call upon your Reiki guides to protect you, if you have or use guides. If you maintain your self in a perfect state of whatever. Then, the recipient’s energy will not touch you.


Fair enough, and if you have been able to reach that state of enlightenment and whatever in your spiritual and Healing path, I’m very glad for you. I’ve not reached that state. That’s right, 20 years working with Energy and I am not an enlightened being holding myself in perfect trust. I don’t want to be that person.


Do I believe that Reiki uses me as a channel, a straw if you will, to move itself from point A to point B? Yes.


Do I believe that my energies will never merge with the recipient of Reiki healing? Personal experience tells me that the answer is No.


I shield.


Perhaps because I am empathic, perhaps for a reason not yet identified, when I do energy healing work on another I feel where the problem lies within my own body first. If you have a headache, when I start working I will get a headache. If you have stomach cramps, I will get stomach cramps. If you are feeling angry, I will get angry. That is me taking in the other person’s energy.If I don’t shield, these sensations get stronger.


Generally, these feelings are fleeting, and once I have finished the work the sensation within me goes away. One time though, it didn’t.


Early on in my Reiki work though, before I started shielding, I was given one of what I call life’s lessons. (sometimes known as a smack upside the back of the head by the Gods). I had been using Reiki routinely as a part of my nursing practice, and was asked by a co-worker if I would use Reiki to help her patient sleep as she couldn’t give him anything medicinally. He had heart trouble and was in the critical care unit after having had a heart attack.


So, I spoke to him briefly about what I was doing, and made sure he was okay with proceeding. I then gave Reiki with the intention of bringing a restful sleep for him through the remainder of the night.


When I left the room 20 or 30 minutes later I immediately had to ground myself because it felt as though my feet were not touching the floor as I walked.


Two nights later, I noticed some pain and stiffness in my hands and wrists while I was working. Over the course of the night, this pain and stiffness spread into my elbows. By the time I returned home from work that morning my arms were so stiff and painful that I could not lift them above elbow level.


I contacted my GP, went in for blood tests. They ruled out lupus, and decided I had rheumatoid arthritis. No previous history, no previous flare ups. But here I was, not even 30 years old, and I was told that I had arthritis.


It has never gone away.


I’ve never again had a flare up that severe. But I did see a rheumatologist last year to get some suggestions on treating the pain because the anti-inflammatory drugs I was taking weren’t working. He found no evidence of rheumatoid arthritis! He found no signs of any arthritic changes at all in my hands. But the fact remains that I am in constant pain in my hands to this day.


All because I didn’t shield.


I have two levels of shielding that I use when doing energy healing work.


The first is for when I do light work. (Light as in not heavy) To shield, I see a stream of light coming down from above and swirling round me from head to toe. This light may be white, but it equally may be each colour of the rainbow, from red to violet. I can then reach out through this shielding light to work with the recipient.


The second shielding method is for when I am doing icky work. Extractions and psychic surgery type work. Or when I sense there is a heavy duty problem I am going to have to deal with once I start the Healing work.


In these situations, I visualise the person I am working on inside a biosafety cabinet. I then put on my shielding and reach my hands into specially built gloves that extend into the biosafety cabinet, and give myself one more layer of protection.


Bit of overkill? Maybe. But I’ve already been bitten once.






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11 responses to “To Shield or Not to Shield

  1. You are clearly a beautiful being and so full of light. I am so sorry for all the suffering you have been though. I have been practicing Reiki for over ten years and while I have been through multiple healing crisis I have always stayed removed from clients in session and have always felt an energetic boost after. Wish I could give you a hug! Take care-Julie

    • nanlt

      It is possible I could stay completely removed from a client when healing, but I feel I would remove as well a very important tool, empathy and intuition.
      Shielding costs nothing, if it turns out not to have been necessary, nothing was lost.

      Afterwards, at the very least, I run water over my hands to wash residual energies off. If I don’t have access to running water, I will pour a bit of water from a glass or bottle into my hands and rub them together.

      • Yep, it’s a fine balance between being connected enough to a client to follow up hunches & being empathetic to others (so important), but just being that little bit ‘switched off’. I guess it’s the equivalent of not breathing down someone’s neck whilst they’re eating. A respect of their space, the healing space that you (both) work in – client & channeller, and REALLY importantly (& how often do I forget…) your own space. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!

        Running water’s a good one. When I remember (…) I try to also bless the water as it cleanses, seems to add an extra, but gentle bit of cleaning. I’ve used Joey Korn’s simple blessing in the past, just rounds things off nicely. Must do this more often. (Gratitude principle.)

        Water’s a fab element. 😀 Not just that we physically need it, but it’s glass-like properties, spiritual element & lovely to float around in when you get the chance.

  2. Great to hear someone bringing up the subject of shielding & grounding. I fully understand that there are those who do not feel the need to shield or ground and on the one hand I feel that’s fine. Different things work for different people – do what’s best for you.

    However, for me (your post sounds very like some of my experiences – had me nodding in recognition!) I have to shield & ground – if I don’t I potentially set up problems for myself. I’ve learnt the hard way, several times & it’s not just been with Reiki practice on/ with others. I think I’m sensitive to other energies too & Reiki has enabled those other channels to be wider & more switched on. I’ve nearly been flattened by energy ‘downloads’ to others, which has taken much of my own energy, not just Reiki. I find entering hospitals almost impossible, as it makes me feel so unwell. Now I’m aware of it, I can do something about it. ‘Shields’ up, ‘cloak’ on.

    However, the plus side, is that through Reiki, (& dowsing) I have met people who have helped me along the way. People or information has come to hand each time & I feel very blessed. I’ve learnt a lot!

    I’ve read a fair few books on non-beneficial energies, psychic attack, ‘parasites’ & hangers on, etc & they’ve proved pretty useful. Get in touch if you want a list!

    • I totally agree. While sessions make me feel grounded and charged I have had to learn energetic protection for all other areas in my life. It’s an ongoing process for me and this discussion is very helpful.

      During Reiki sessions I set the intention just to be the channel for healing light. This is likely my energetic protection-it’s just so habitual I didn’t see it as such.

      • Julie, sounds like you’re doing what’s right for you. For me, I find being surrounded by lots of greenery in the great outdoors, is a real leveller for me. Now, it helps that I work full-time outdoors all year round, so any non-beneficial stuff leaches away (thanks Gaia & trees & other plants!). Though, I do wonder how much simply physical activity in the green helps as well.

        I do like NanLT’s bio-safety cabinet. Brilliant mental image.

        I’ve tried ‘armour’ before, but it wasn’t quite right. I was ‘gifted’ a cloak by some ‘people’ I knew in a previous life when I visited a stone circle last year & this seems to help. Am still searching for the absolute ideal, but will use the cloak, plus bubble for now.

  3. nanlt

    Water – one idea for water used for cleansing and grounding is to place a small nugget of citrine or another appropriate stone in the water jug. I find that this charges the water nicely.

  4. hart

    i have had reiki done on me three times with out me giving the person a permission. first two times it was the same person and the energy felt kinda normal and i was able to block and walk away. this last time it was this angel channeler, reiki master freak sitting behind me and when she decited to turn her shit energy on it was like leaning onto an icecube.

    im assuming nobody wants to be assaulted or drugged and raped so please do not beam your energies to unsuspecting people.

    the more i see these reiki masters that look like old witches with an inch of dead skin on top of their faces and eyes peering behind that mask, the more i think reiki is the wickedest thing ever to be spreadet with “good” intentions.

    • I have had someone pull this on me, and you’re right it is a violation and goes against EVERYTHING that people should have been taught about giving Reiki. I do hope you turned round and told this person to cut that shit out!

      If someone does this to you, or if someone reading this has it happen to them, tell them “NO” as firmly as you can. No one, no matter how well intentioned, or however trained in any form of healing ever has the right to inflict that healing on someone who doesn’t want it.

      That isn’t a desire to send healing energy, that is ego and a desire to show off and impress.

      When this happened to me, I created a channel from the point on my arm where they were sending, across to my other arm, and out my other hand into the ground. Today, I would slap up a storm trooper armour brick wall surround kind of shield with mirrors and bounce that shit right back at the sender.

      Chances are good they wouldn’t know that it wasn’t received because these people tend to be oblivious.

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