Accepting Fees | Is It Okay to Charge for Healing?


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The question can be found all over the Internet. Is it okay to charge for Reiki? Is it okay to ask for money to do healing work?

The answers to these questions are equally divided between aye and nay. You shouldn’t charge because Healing should be freely available to anyone. You should charge because there must be an exchange for Healing to be effective.

Now, just to add to the confusion, I’m going to give my answer to the question. Should one charge for Healing or should it be freely given to all who ask? The answer to both parts of this question, is Yes.

We have this idea in our heads that money and finances are dirty words. Something evil to be avoided if we want to walk a Healing Path. It’s utter nonsense of course.

Yes, some people use money as a means of keeping score in life. He who dies with the most wins, or somesuch nonsense like that. Or they mistake money for personal worth. “I know I’m not worthless, just look at my bank balance.”

In between these two extremes though is the middle ground. Balance. Money is the chosen mode of exchange for goods and services in this age. Once upon a time you may have received a side of ham or a dozen eggs. That mode of exchange worked then, but you can’t give the bank a side of ham as a mortgage payment, and the grocery store won’t take a cord of wood in change for a week’s worth of food.

People who do healing work still need a place to live and food to eat, and unless they also happen to have another job paying money (in which case they won’t have time to devote fully to healing work) they are going to have to charge for doing healing work.

Money as an exchange of energy

One of the stories associated with Mikao Usui centers around the work he did with the beggars within the poorer quarters of the city. After time passed, Usui realised he was seeing the same people he had helped had gone back to begging on the streets. When questioned, he was dismayed to discover they found it easier to beg than to use the healing and knowledge they had been given to earn a living. Because the healing had no value for them, they did not see it as being worth while.

It was at this time that Usui decided he would no longer provide Reiki for free.

I am of the opinion that what is needed between client and Healer is an exchange of energies. People who live or work closely together have a constant exchange of energies between them. Warriors incur “blood debts” between each other. You saved my life, now I must save yours or else I will owe you a debt. Families continually provide for each other emotionally and physically. Even the seemingly one-sided exchange between a parent and child when looked at more closely shows there is a continual flow of energies between the parent and the child. Co-workers in an ideal work place constantly strive together for the betterment of the company.

It is when you look at an exchange between strangers, between people who do not have a close connection otherwise, that things get complicated.

Yes, this exchange can be created through money. Indeed it is the easiest method we have today for making this exchange. It isn’t the only way though.

These are some of the methods I have used in the past to create that exchange.

  • I have provided healing in exchange for healing.
  • I have asked the recipient to “pay it forward”.
  • I have provided training in exchange for training. I teach you something, you teach me something.

As an Energy Healer trying to earn a living, yes I do charge for my services. I have invested a lot of time, energy, and money into learning these skills to become a healer and it is only right that I be paid for those skills.

As an Energy Healer who understands that money is merely one means of exchange, I provide healing work for ‘free’ to those people with whom I have an established energy exchange in place.

Both are correct, both are right.


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4 responses to “Accepting Fees | Is It Okay to Charge for Healing?

  1. Drea

    My initial response is of course it’s okay to charge for healing. Unless I’m mistaken, a good healer takes the time and effort to refine his/her skills via training classes and such. Money is exchanged for training, and the healer’s time is also valuable. A healer can choose to ‘charge’ in any way they want (money, pay it forward, whatever); but their gift of working on someone is definitely valuable and can/should be treated as such.

  2. Like you nanLT, I have accepted various forms of exchange for healing and Attunements. I totally agree with your philosophy about this issue. I usually state that Reiki healing energy is free but my time isn’t ! I don’t mind what the exchange is, its all valued in my book. I believe Reiki should be available to everyone not only to those who can afford to pay with £££. Love and light.

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  4. That’s correct – money is energy itself, it is neither good nor bad, it’s neutral. I also once hear a nice saying in regard to this question – energy itself down’t have a price, but there is a fee for a practitioner’s time 🙂

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