Model of atom.

Model of atom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am an Energy Worker. I use Energy for healing and for spelling casting.

But what do I mean when I say Energy?

No doubt a physicist might disagree, but this is my interpretation.

Energy is everything. I cannot say that we are made of energy, because that implies that I think we are something more than that. I cannot take 2 cups of “Energy” and create a human being.

We are not made of energy, we are Energy. But looking at this a bit closer. We now know that everything there is is made up of atoms. Basic high school physics here. Look at anything with a strong enough microscope and eventually you will see individual atoms of individual elements. Through the magic of physics those atoms are able to join together, creating water, air, earth, grass, people…What you will also see, because that microscope is powerful enough, is that each of those single atoms is vibrating. And the vibration of a single atom has an effect on the atoms next to it.

Physicist now have been able to look even closer at those atoms, and even break them apart. And using the magic of physics, they are able to separate the halves of a single atom, moving them a distance apart.

These physicist discovered something amazing when they separated those atoms. Changing the vibrational rate, the movement, of one half caused a nearly instantaneous change in the vibrational rate of the other half. Even separated, the two halves remained as one.

I can see a few readers in the back row bursting to tell me physics isn’t magic and I have a completely wrong understanding of how quantum physics works. I can but reply with this quote from Arthur C. Clark:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Atoms move because they are pure Energy, everything is pure Energy and the Energy that is Us is a part of all of the Energy in the Multiverse.

As an Energy Worker, this is the Energy I am using.

As our understanding of Energy progresses, there is no doubt that my understanding of how and why Energy Healing works will progress.

I would like you to join my now in a bit of play.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to play with this Energy. Something that can be played with is no longer feared.

Hold your hands about 2 feet apart and close your eyes. Slowly move your hands together. Open your eyes when you feel something in your hands. It might be a tingle, coldness, heat, a feeling you can’t describe but you know it is there. I describe this as like having a very light ball of cotton between my hands.

Now, with your eyes open, bounce your hands a bit, moving them in and out about 1 inch. If your hands get closer together or further apart, don’t worry about it.The sensation between your hands will grow strong.This is energy between your hands.

When you are ready, move your hands closer together compressing that energy. And when you are ready, play with that energy. Move it and shape it, mould it into squares or circles. Squish it between your fingers. Yes, it’s exactly like playing with clay as a child. Invisible playdough.

If you’ve a partner with you also playing with energy, try combining both to create a larger ball. Try tossing it back and forth to each other from gradually increasing distances apart. Have fun with it!

When you are finished, lay your hands flat on the ground or the floor, or rinse your hands under running water, to let the energy gently flow away.

If you want to, why not share your play with others here.

This was written as part of the Reiki Blog Project 2012.

If you would like to join me, feel free to use the logo to your right, and link back to the Reiki Blog Project 2012 page.


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