Extractions, Psychic Surgery, and Stagnated Energies

Long before I began studying shamanic healing methods, long before I came across Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers who were doing psychic surgeries, I realised when doing deep Reiki on some clients that areas where they reported problems were areas in which pools of stagnant energies would be gathering.

Energy is meant to flow within the body, moving continuously. Sometimes though, blockages develop and the energy cannot flow.  The reasons for the blockages can be varied, but the result is nearly always the same – an accumulation of energy that cannot move.

Stagnant Pool Above Alport Dale On the moorlan...

Stagnant Pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like water in a pool that sits without moving for too long, without being able to drain away the old and bring in the new, that energy becomes stagnated.

The longer this energy stagnates, the nastier it becomes. Tarry, sticky, and smelly. At least, that is how I see it.

As a healer, working with a client, my task is to remove this stagnated muck and make it possible for clean energy to flow once again.

The shamanic healer would say that I am doing an extraction, the energy healer would say I was doing psychic surgery. I call it removing stagnant energy.

This is how I do the work.

I first scan to see how energy is flowing within the person, I note where blockages and stagnant energy are, and where the person appears to have “sprung a leak”. It is generally where these leaks are that the person will experience illness, pain, or troubles.

Imagine if you will that the energy flows in a person like air in the inner tube of a tyre. If

you twist the tube, a blockage is created. Continue to push air into the tube and pressure will build. Continue to build up pressure and eventually the tube will burst. It won’t necessarily burst at the blockage though, it will burst at an area of weakness within the walls of the tube.

This is why, when you go to a healer because of a problem in your right knee the healer is just as likely to focus on your right knee or your left elbow. Just because a problem manifests in one area, does not mean the cause is in the same area.

The work I do at this time is three-fold. Unblock the blockage, remove the stagnant energy, and patch the leak. Doing one or two without the others will only result in the problem recurring.

The River Kennall in Roches Wood The energy of...

Fast flowing river (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Stagnant energy is what other people might call negative energy. I’m of the opinion that energy is neither positive, nor negative. It is either flowing, or not flowing. Flowing energy is healthy, not flowing energy is unhealthy.



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