Death and Healing

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With the modern medical world’s fixation on keeping people alive as long as possible, no matter the cost, to speak of death and healing in the same sentence may seem a bit strange.

Reiki however, can teach us to look at healing in a different way. I believe that Reiki can help people to be restored to their optimal level of healing. Sometimes, that optimal level is death.

Death is not the “bad guy” we perceive it to be. Indeed, death is happening all around us all the time. Without out, there could be no life.

Death is not evil, it is not something to be avoided or to be feared. It is as much a part of life as birth. Consider for a moment how crowded this planet would be if no one ever died, but instead grew gradually older over the centuries and millennia.

Looking deeper, into the earth itself. What is soil, the stuff in which food can be grown, for us to eat directly or for the animals we eat? Soil is made almost entirely of decaying matter. Death in other words. Without death, no plants could grow. Nothing could live. But nothing could die.

In this great circle, this incredible paradox, we can find wisdom. Death is not something to be feared. It is not something to be avoided and delayed whatever the cost financially and emotionally. It is but one stage in this great circle that we call Life.

What are the implications for us as Reiki Healers?

First off, we need to remember that we heal, we do not cure. Reiki helps people to their personal optimal level of healing. As a Reiki Healer we do not decide what that optimal level of healing might be. We can send Reiki, we can direct it on where it might go, we can attach an intention to the energy when we send it. (I’ll talk about how to do that another time). But we cannot decide what optimal healing means for another.

For the person at the end of their lifespan, for the person with a terminal illness, sometimes for reasons we just don’t know, sometimes the outcome will be death.




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  1. Agreed 🙂 As sad as it can be to come to terms with loved ones leaving this Earth plane, death is part of the circle of life and the force of love. We cannot decide for anyone else their healing, their experience, or when their soul has experienced everything t it came for.

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