Chakras and Reiki

Reiki Blog Project 2012

Chakras are a part of the Hindu belief systems. They are energy wheels, or vortexes, within the body’s of all living things.

Cymraeg: Mae'r llun hwn yn darlunio'r saith pr...

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras with descriptions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reiki is a Japanese system of healing developed by a Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui. Chakras are not part of the original system taught by Usui, nor were they taught in the Reiki system developed by Sensei Hayashi or Sensei Takata, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

So why is it that so many Reiki Practitioners merge these two systems from two different cultures?

Practitioners these days are even taught to use the Chakras as a part of Reiki without being told they are from two separate belief systems.  But why?

Simply put, because they fit so well together. The location of each chakra corresponds nearly perfectly with the hand placements developed and promoted by Mrs Takata, and presumably Mr Hayashi before her. Whether this was by design or coincidence will most likely never be known. I’ve not studied The Chakra System of India or Traditional Chinese Medicine with its meridian  lines enough to know if the energy centers of each match up. But perhaps one of my readers might know?

As part of the intuitive Reiki I practice I have found that at times the energy centers, or Chakras, within a client can become blocked with stagnant energy. Part of my work at those times is to remove that stagnant energy and replace it with clean, fresh energy. After the treatment I will then intuitively ‘reset’ each chakra in turn, making sure it is spinning smoothly, and in the correct direction.

I do this by holding a hand over each chakra in turn and feeling its movement and rotation. I then let my hand gently rotate in the direction of the chakra. If it is rotating the wrong direction, the gentle movement will bring it into the right rotation, and after a minute or so my hand will begin rotating in the other, correct direction.

Finally, I will finish up by smoothing the aura and brushing away any excess energies.

Oh yes, work with Auras aren’t actually part of Usui’s original system either, but that is a blog post for another day.



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  3. Thanks for sharing, I use Reiki in a similar to you including the chakras and aura.

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