Weaving a Path of Healing

While I have held an interest in Shamanic practices for many years it was not until this past year that I began looking at them more closely.


It began with a feeling that I needed to see a shamanic healer for my past issues with post-natal depression and PTSD. I searched the internet for shamanic healers near where I live, and kept finding myself drawn to one person in particular, Kay Gillard from Starfire Alchemy.


From that one appointment I have found myself on a new path of healing work. Each month, Kay and her business partner Magin Rose host a monthly Drumming Circle in SE London. I began to attend when I was able, and in one of the first was focused on using the rune Perthro to create a sacred space through which we could access the Well of the Wyrd at the base of the World Tree and speak to the Norns. My conversation with the Norns brought me to their attention and their message was reasonably clear.


I needed to learn to weave.


Where they were less clear (and the Gods tend to do this I have found) is in what they meant by learning to weave. Did they mean buy a loom and learn to make my own cloth? Or did they mean something else entirely?


Within months though I was invited by Kay to an advanced course she was teaching called “Way of the Weaver“. Ah hah!


Norns weaving destiny, by Arthur Rackham (1912)

Norns weaving destiny, by Arthur Rackham (1912) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Norns have started showing up during healing sessions, and will frequently work with or through me to weave healing threads within the energy flow. And they have begun to take an interest in my religious life as well.


These days, when I am doing Intuitive Reiki work I combine my knowledge of Reiki and energy healing with my new skills in Shamanic healing, including journeying to speak with the clients spirit helpers and working with the client in doing Power Retrievals, Extractions, and Soul Retrievals, all to aid them in their healing.






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