The Becoming of a Healer

The (Not-so short) story of how I became a healer

I grew up knowing I had to be a nurse.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. When other girls were playing dolls, I was looking for information about nursing and nursing schools in the encyclopaedias, and reading a series of fiction books about nursing such as Cherry Ames and Sue Barton. This being the 1970s in the days before home computers and internet searches.

When I was old enough, I volunteered at a local hospital. Yes, I was a Candy Striper, complete with the candy striped uniform. Over a 5 year stretch I accumulated over 600 volunteer hours.

Cherry Ames book setBy the time I reached high school my path was clear to me, I was going to get a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and I looked at universities in Kansas which had a good nursing program. Ultimately, I ended up attending my hometown university, graduating in December 1988. Not the top of my class, but not the bottom either, and in February 1989 I took and passed the N-CLEX. I was officially a Registered Nurse.

I started working right away in a post-ICU/medical telemetry unit in a local hospital on the night shift. Things weren’t quite like they had been portrayed in Cherry Ames, but I didn’t mind at all.

The time came though to move on and in 1992 I got a job at the neighbouring hospital in the coronary intensive care unit. I remained there until 1998.

It was in 1993 that I began to explore more fully the ideas behind energy healing. I had had some exposure during my nurse’s training because the program was based around the theories of Martha Rogers, but this would be the beginning of my foray into alternative healing ideas.

In the Autumn 1993 I walked into the local New Age shop and the woman behind the counter, who became my heart sister Aimye, suggested I take a Reiki 1 course being offered soon. 3 months later I took the Reiki 2 course as well. I began to incorporate this into my nursing practise on the coronary care unit and gained a reputation for patients who slept better at night. In addition, co-workers would come to me for Reiki on themselves when they suffered from back pain or headaches.

Aimye became a dear friend, sister of my heart, and one of my first teachers of Paganism and Energy Healing.

Fast forward to 1998.

This was a year of many changes to my life. I earned Reiki Master-Teacher status and was attuned by Aimye. I met my husband. I moved to England and got married. I gave up working outside the home to be a full-time wife and mother.

I was able to pursue other interests over time and took a distance learning course in aromatherapy, gaining a Diploma in the process. I am very much interested in how aromas can affect us and while I don’t work with essential oils enough to have any kind of expertise, I do sometimes incorporate single essential oils in healing work. Paradoxically, I cannot work much with one essential oil panacea, lavender, because it gives me a blinding headache.

Shamanic Healing

drumsTime continued to pass. In 2011 I began exploring another long held interest, shamanism and shamanic healing. Through seeking healing for myself related to the post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder I developed after my son’s birth in 2004, I discovered a wonderful healer by the name of Kay Gillard. After attending several healing shares hosted by Kay she invited me to take an Intuitive Healer course over a period of 7 months called Way of the Weaver. Here I was able to learn many of the shamanic healing techniques which I am able to offer in service to others, and gained a new confidence in the healing abilities that I had discovered intuitively over the years.

Kay taught me much about healing, and also helped me to confirm that I was heading the right direction in my own Intuitive Energy Healing practise.

Update 2015:

What a difference 3 years makes!

In 2012 I separated from my husband, had a mental and emotional breakdown, and pretty much went through one hell of a healing crisis for a couple years.

I was finally divorced in 2014.

I began a distance course to train as a Soul Midwife and refocused the healing work that I want to do now.

Today, I have pulled together all of my life experiences, healing experience, and training to create Sacred Visions. Through Sacred Visions I am able to serve women who are seeking their own healing.

I continue with healing work for myself as well, and look forward to what the future may bring.



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7 responses to “The Becoming of a Healer

  1. kaygillard

    I love the acknowledgement that your work as a nurse was an essential part of your healing path, Nan. Healing comes in so many different guises 🙂

    • nanlt

      It was very much essential and integral to my becoming a healer. While I cannot go back to working as a nurse, I am very appreciative of what it has taught me.

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