A is for Angels (and other non-corporeal beings)

It is a popular belief within some Reiki traditions that practitioners always, or must,

Angel 013

Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

work with Angels, Ascended Masters or a whole host of other non-corporeal beings. This belief has served to alienate entire groups from wanting to work with Reiki or energy healing.

People who for a variety of reasons either don’t want to, or cannot work with these entities due to personal or religious beliefs.

Thing is, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Do some people work with or through Angels, or the Ascended Reiki Masters when using Reiki? Yes.

Do you HAVE to work with or through Angels, or Ascended Reiki Masters when using Reiki? Absolutely not.

I very seldom work with any outside assistance. In fact, I don’t tend to use any invocations at all when I begin a Reiki treatment. At best, I may think something along the lines of “Reiki on”. It works.

If we believe that Reiki is the energy that makes up the entire universe, and that it “knows” where it is needed, then it doesn’t need prayers or invoking of deities, or angels, or other beings to work. It just needs a conduit willing and able to allow it to flow.

After nearly 20 years of working as a Reiki practitioner it was just a year ago that I actually met a non-corporeal being through journeying work who made itself available to work with me. The name it gave me was Baschel, or possible B’Shel. As for gender, well it patiently explained that gender is something we as humans assign to them, it in fact has no gender. It also once took me up into the Upper World on a Shamanic journey by travelling down, so you get the idea of how we work together.If you want to know what it looks like, shine a bright light in your eyes briefly, then shut your eyes. That after image you see on your eyelids is a pretty good approximation.

But, I don’t invoke Baschel when I do Reiki work. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. Generally it shows when I need a bit of focus.

If you have been turned off from Reiki as an atheist, devout Muslim or Christian, or simply because the idea of calling upon an outside entity doesn’t appeal to you, then know this. Reiki is a healing practice, a spiritual practice, but it is not a religious practice. If you want to call upon Mother Mary, Allah, God, Fatima, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, or nothing at all during your Reiki practice either on yourself or others, that’s okay. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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6 responses to “A is for Angels (and other non-corporeal beings)

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  5. I’m not even sure why this sight showed up on my smartphone today, but then again, my short term memory is…….

    But it was refreshing! The simplest explanation I ever heard came from a wonderful friend/practitioner/Massage Therapist who said to her, Reiki is just–love.
    My comfort zone is not even saying the “h” word, because if someone doesn’t feel healed, I feel like a fraud. I tell people it’s a stress-reduction and relaxation technique and that it affects different people in different ways. Some feel very relaxed and some say they are out of pain. I tell them they don’t have to “believe” in it, but that they just have to want to feel better.

    I chose to not go past level 2 because I did not want to teach and I read and believe that Reiki is no more powerful in a Master than coming from a Level 1 practitioner. Also, I would have to giggle if someone called me a “Master” of anything(especially after a short period of training).
    Well, you asked for my opinion. Be Well all
    Joel Horwitz http://www.happyfeetmassagedelivery.vpweb.com 917-363-2435

    • My own experience has been that the Energy channeled by a Level 2 practitioner can be stronger than that channeled by a LEvel 1, and a LEvel 3 (Master level) can be stronger than that channeled by a Level 2.

      I do agree about giggling when I hear someone call themselves a Master after a weekend program. I have probably ranted before about my opinion of weekend 0 – Level 3 weekend intensive programs.

      I might also suggest having a look for a post I wrote some time ago on the difference between “healing” and “curing”. What we do with Reiki is not curing. We don’t cure illnesses. What we do is bring healing – and that may be in the form of relaxation or stress relief, or pain relief, or possibly even an acceptance of where they are within themselves. It does not always mean the illness or disease process itself will be gone.

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