Othin House

Just for the record. I don’t like change. I go out of my way to avoid it, sometimes to my detriment.

Which just goes to explain why it is I am now making plans with my husband to sell our home of the past 14 years and move. That’s right, we’re moving. And soon if all goes to plan.

You see, he and I have been talking for years about moving to a small town and opening a little shop. You’ve probably had the same sort of talks yourself if you have a significant other. And you both know that it’s never going to be more than talk.

Except, when it isn’t. Which is where we have now found ourselves. We’ve decided to stop talking about it, and actually do it. We’ve been searching since before Christmas and have found a place which we will be putting an offer on, once we get this house lined up to be sold.

The new place is going to be something special though and I am so excited. And scared. Not about moving to a new place, but about leaving an old place behind. The fear was getting to be so much for me that I did some shamanic journey work on it. Seems it’s a past life issue. Knowing that this was beyond my abilities to deal with alone, I contacted my friend Magin Rose who does shamanic healing and past life regression work here in SE London.

What we discovered in our work was that in one previous life I had been sent by my parents to receive training as a healer, an exchange they had made when the healers in the place saved my brother’s life. When I had reached near the completion of my training, raiders came and burned the healing place and my home to the ground, killing all of the others. I was left horribly scarred and homeless.

Two things I touched on here – twice in a lifetime I had my home lost to me forever. Once from my home of birth, and once as an adult. And, in yet another lifetime my training as a healer was interrupted by circumstances outside of my control.

This work helped me to recognise why it is that 1) I don’t feel safe when strangers are in my house and 2) why I don’t like drastic changes in my life. I’ve spent quite a bit of time since then talking to this past “me”. Talking of how life is different now. Talking of how I have succeeded as a healer and in my training this time round – I did graduate with my degree in nursing and practised for 10 years, and have received training as a Reiki Master-Teacher. Two great accomplishments.

The third realisation came several days later and has to do with my relationship towards food, and why I am overweight this lifetime. But again, that’s a story for another time.

In a few very short months, if all goes to plan, we will be the owners of a business in the Highlands of Scotland. Within our business we will have a coffee and tea shop and a small gift shop. We will also have room to set up a Reiki practise.

Kolnza Mobile Reiki will be no more, and will be renamed as a new healing place. I’ve yet to think of a name so watch this space. ______________



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2 responses to “Change

  1. this was fab! much love teen xx

  2. Loved this blog – and good luck with the move.Elaine x

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