Reiki and Shamanism

Intuitive Reiki and the Shamanic Healer

Over the past year I have had opportunity to delve more into an interest I have held for many years. Shamanism. Always before life conspired to get in the way, the time was never quite right for pursuing this interest.

In 2011 though, the time was right. I received a shamanic healing myself from the delightful Kay Gillard, and then went on to take the Way of the Weaver shamanic practitioner course she was offering. This has served to not only help me to begin my journey as a shamanic healer, it has also served to expand my intuitive Reiki practice. Many techniques I was using instinctively as an intuitive Reiki healer I have been able to focus in on more clearly using shamanism.

In the coming year I will be working to develop this even further through meditation, shamanic journeying, and practice.

Changes are Afoot

One of the first realisations training in shamanic healing has been that I need to focus more of my life on being a healer. This is what I was born knowing I had to do. I have received a calling and I must answer it.

The second realisation is knowing that I am not in the right place physically to do this work. Fully supportive, and knowing he is ready for a life change as well, my husband and I are in the process of looking for a place in Scotland where we can open a Healing Space.

In our thoughts though this will not just be a place to receive energy healing. We are looking to open a small tea/coffee shop with the healing practice as part of it. Stay tuned here for all the details.

Imagine a place where all people in the community could gather for a bit of socialising over a pot of tea or a cup of coffee. Or after a healing session, you could relax on your own for a bit of reflection over a cup of herbal tea. That is the type of place we are envisioning.



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