Free form thinking about the Hado-Nai Reiki Symbol

Over the past few weeks I have done a lot of thinking, meditating, and searching for meaning in the Hado-nai symbol.

My seeking has led me to things as diverse as the physics of Scalar Waves to a simply woven poncho on a Mexican man. Water crystals, Hado, Tarot cards, Bohr’s model of the atomic structure. It all fits in somehow.

Have a look at my notes I’ve made about all this:

tarot card – 2 people looking up at rainbow
? 10 cups
?2 cups

mexican peon poncho
atomic structure

circles blue inside yellow inside white


place where manifest and non-manifest meet

connect self to non-self

physical self to spiritual self

vibration – non-vibration

In the midst of all this, I seem to have come full circle.

The Hado-nai symbol. A means of connecting self to non-self; physical self to spiritual self; manifest to non-manifest. The junction where that which is physical connects to that which is non-physical.  Vibration/waveform to non-vibration/waveform.


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