The Hado-Nai Reiki Symbol

More meditative thoughts on this new symbol.

Human beings do not have an energy field, human beings are energy fields. This is one of the tenets of Open Systems Theory, and of the ideas put forth by nursing theorist Martha Rogers initially in 1970 in The Science of Universal Human Beings.

1. Energy Field constitutes the fundamental unit of the living and the inanimate. The energy field is infinite. Rogers discusses two in particular. The first is the human field. Human beings do not have an energy field but rather they are energy fields. The environment is also an energy field. Neither field can be reduced any further.

2. Universe of Open System indicates energy fields are infinite and continuously open. The human and environmental systems are integrated with each other.

3. Pattern identifies the energy field. Is distinguishing and characteristic of a field and is perceived as a single wave. The pattern changes continuously and innovatively. Each human pattern is unique and is integrated with its own unique environmental field. The evolution of the unitary human being is a dynamic, irreducible, non-linear process characterized by increasing diversity of energy field patterning.

As energy beings we do not end at our skin, we extend out in every direction for a ways outside of our skin. Some identify this as your ‘personal space’. Something that is strongly tested any time you step onto a lift or into a small room with another person.

There have been a lot of sociological studies conducted in regards to personal space so I won’t go into any details here. Suffice to say – everyone has one. This is the continuation of the human energy field outside of the body. Some can sense this continuation as an aura. Areas of illness can also be senses as they cause a change in the energy patterns.

I have said that the Hado symbol serves to connect us to our Higher Energy self. What I am coming to understand and know now is that the Higher Self is not an entity outside of ourselves. It is the entirety of ourselves as energy beings.  When we connect to the energy of our Higher Self using the Hado, we are connecting to Self.
Hado-nai, conversely, works to disconnect the human energy field from harmful energies. Those which cause stress, disease, and ill feelings.
I got this comment from a friend after she used the Hado-nai symbol.
I’ve been trying out your newly discovered reiki symbol, hado (nai). I have experienced a sensation of being lightened. I’ve had some stressful pressures for a while now and after trying this symbol I feel like my usual self for dealing with this stuff, i.e. to trust and know it will work out perfectly. So thank you for publishing your info I’ve really enjoyed trying something new:) ~ Dawn


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8 responses to “The Hado-Nai Reiki Symbol

  1. Pram Chopra

    Dear Friend
    Good Morning
    I am very much using reiki symbols for the Highest good for self and wana know more about the secret symbols to use for higher self. Please let me know the way of creating and projecting with intention of the symbol of Hado Nai . Waiting for your reply.
    Pram Chopra

    • nanlt

      Dear Pram,

      I would suggest that one good way of working with the Hado-nai symbol would be to do Reiki meditation by sitting comfortably with your body aligned, hands up in “prayer” position with palms lightly touching in front of your heart.

      Before reciting the Reiki Principles create the Hado-nai symbol in your mind and draw it in the air before you if desired. With energy healing work, the intention is set within your heart space and within your mind. Focus your heart and mind on using the Hado-nai to connect you to your Higher Self.

      In a very moving shamanic journey I took once, I journeyed into my own Heart Space, and from their asked my Spirit Guides to take me to my Higher Heart Space.

      If you consider that our Heart Centre is where we create our emotional relationships and connections with other, our Higher Heart Centre is where we find our connection to Spirit.

      Hado-nai would be a very good symbol to use during Spirit Journeys such as this.

      • Pram Chopra

        Dear Friend
        Good Morning
        Thanks for your reply and very good and heart touching comments. I will experience it in the night and let you know the journey of what I feel.

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  3. Hi I have been given this symbol as part of my Elemental Spiral healing system (not Reiki although I am also a Reiki Master). This system was channelled through several of the Ascended Masters and aims to provide a balanced energy that will enable greater energy use to be possible. 🙂
    The use is not quite as you have found but if that works for you within your energy framework that is great.

    • I find it fascinating that you have received this same symbol through a different source!

      Not quite as I am experiencing it, but there are some similarities as well. Though I also have found that as more people are using this symbol they are finding nuances of meaning that I had not yet recognised, each however rings true.

      • One thing that was shown to me is that we are ready to move to higher levels and that new systems will be available to facilitate this. Therefore, many of the symbols people are channelling are not Reiki symbols but moving to different energy in a different frequency. After all Usui channelled the symbols and there is nothing preventing other people also channelling reiki symbols in different ways (hence Angel Reiki etc. etc.) However, I do feel that Reiki operates within a specific frequency band, as do other healing modalities so understanding the energy you run is vital. Just my thoughts on the subject 🙂
        The way in which the symbols are used also is different in Elemental Spiral once you move to the higher stages of the training – all good fun and as you as as more people work with the symbols they identify other aspects of how it works.

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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