Reiki Guides and Symbols


During some journey work a few months ago I was able to meet a Reiki guide for the first time. First and foremost, I have never worked with guides. As I learn more and use it more how I work with energy healing has been transforming, and as part of that it would seem that I now have a Guide.

This guide is named Ba’shel. It is an energy being, without form or gender. When I see Ba’shel in my mind I see a bright shining light which moves and is able to communicate with me. As I learn more about it I will share here.

A Newly Discovered Reiki Symbol

As we know there are 4 main symbols in Reiki. Three learned at the Second degree level of training and one at the Master level. Others from different schools of Reiki have discovered and shared other Reiki symbols over the years.

While taking part in a Reiki Share, I had a vision in which I was shown a new Reiki Symbol and given its name. It was left to me to determine its meaning and use.

The symbol is being shared with others publicly now for the first time.

It looks a bit like a lightning bolt with a line through it. I see it more though as a spiral moving around a central point.
The central line is drawn first. The spiral can be drawn top to bottom or bottom to top depending on the desired direction of energy flow.
The Hado-nai is used to connect the recipient to their Higher Self.  I am still trying to sort out an exact (or near as dammit) translation of Hado-nai into English.
Added on 17 April 2011
-nai when added to a word apparently makes it a negative. So Hado-nai would possibly translate into ‘without vibration’ or ‘without energy’.
My feelings are now that Hado-nai is used when someone has a harmful or negative vibration/energy attached to them. It works to break that attachment. Hado would be the spiral wave-form while nai is indicated by the line through the middle.
I found information on another type of energy healing which has come from Japan when searching for reference to hado-nai on Google.
Hado = wave motion or vibration, life-force energy
Reference can also be found to hado in the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist.
Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.”

–Masaru Emoto

PS: If you use the Hado-nai I encourage you to come back to share with me here what you experienced.



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7 responses to “Reiki Guides and Symbols

  1. Geoffrey

    I used the Hado Nai after my roommate gave me an ultimatum that I have until March 31 to move out. (Originally September 1st.) I felt my energy levels restored as massive amounts of energy replenished me.

    When I he first told me I felt drained by his words and then after using the symbol I felt much lighter an energized. While not all my energy was restored I feel significantly improved.

    Blessings and Gratitude

  2. Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to find out some additional information.

    • I’ve been able to gain some insight over the past few years, though my understanding is still emerging and at times conflicting.

      The strongest feeling I get through personal meditation and journey work is that the Hado-nai symbol functions as a bridge, connecting self to non-self/physical to non-physical/spirit to non-spirit.

      I don’t mean non- as in an absence, this is more a linking into a realm that transcends our own limited undertanding of the physical and spirit body.This non-self is like a blueprint that shows us how we are “supposed” to look on an energetic level. It allows us to access that blueprint in order to bring about healing.

      I think the intention set when using this symbol very much determines how it will function. Hence the previous comment from a visitor about using the symbol and finding that it helped to re-energise him after receiving bad news from his roommate.

      So, it can be used to remove negative energies that have attached to a person as I had written back in 2011.Because those negative energies are not part of the original blueprint.

      It can be used to recharge and reenergize because we are energy, even if we have forgotten at a conscious level.

      I welcome learning of any experiences you might have in using the Hado-nai symbol.


  3. Well I’m not new to Reiki energy I’ve been Buddhist 44 years now. 10 minutes ago I was doing a Reiki treatment to and woman who has allergies and as soon as it was over and I was sure that she would be alright I came to a site that I never come to and I saw the Hado-Nei symbol, I drew it in both of my hands, and called it in 3 times, I immediately felt a cool wind just blowing on my hands and over my whole body, so I believe that this new symbol of your has a great power indeed and is able able to aid in all reiki treatments

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the Hado-nai symbol. The more I use it in healing work, and meditate on it, and the more I hear from others of their experiences, the more even I am learning about this symbol.

  4. I may loose this page, I just see this for the first time, so used it for a quick self treatment, my first impression, or what I am noticing is the may be extra heat my hands are producing. we see thanks

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