Reiki and Squidoo

Squidoo is an internet platform where people can write about any topic at all that interests them (within reason). I have been writing on Squidoo for over 2 years now. This year I have the added pleasure of being a Squidoo Angel and will be looking out for well written, interesting, original articles (called lenses) written about Reiki. I’ve extended that to include all articles dealing with energy healing.

Reiki Squidoo Angel

Lenses which meet criteria for being unique, up to date, and well written can receive an Angel Blessing. A blessing provides a small, temporary boost in the lens’ ranking. They also get backlinks through listings at Nan’s Natterings and in the Squidoo Lens I wrote especially for the topic, NanLT: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Reiki Squidoo Angel.

Now, they will get backlinks here as I will be featuring the Reiki lenses I find on these pages too.


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